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March 4, 2013

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Welcome to Wedding Week, my friends!
And yes, "Wedding Week" deserves caps, because it's a miracle we made it to see this week. As you can probably guess, I've been running around tying up the loose ends and making sure all i ready to go.

Y'all, Adam is a total rock star.
As are my parents and his parents.

We are just so blessed to have such wonderful helpful families to lend a hand (and help us maintain our sanity). More about crazy wedding shenanigans later...

Let's mingle!

Beyond THRILLED that you thought it was worthwhile to stop in, spread the word, and link-up with some of the blogosphere's finest. You're the best!

Link-up and enjoy, friends!


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4) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below...
** What is your favorite stress reliever? ** 



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  1. I should say "exercise", but candy works too. I just like being able to decompress by sitting on the couch without any real responsibility. That's the best stress reliever to me. Happy wedding week, Meg!

  2. Yay for wedding week!! This week will fly by!! Enjoy it!!

  3. Exercise, dog snuggles, and warm baths (glass of wine optional!). So excited for you!!

  4. Congrats on wedding week! Enjoy every second, it will be over before you know it. And when you're feeling stressed out, try to remember: If something doesn't get done, no one will know but you, and the reason this is all happening is because of you and your man. Nothin' else matters ;) - A new follower

  5. Wine and snuggles with the hubs!! Congrats on the wedding! You're going to be a gorgeous bride :)

  6. Congratulations on your impending wedding! Weddings are always so fun...just relax and my biggest stress reliever is shopping!!!

    A new follower of yours :)

    Jessica ... Come stop by sometime :)

  7. Congrats on your wedding! My stress reliever is funny movies or comedy shows!

    New follower, Zoe!

  8. HAPPY WEDDING WEEK! I bet you can't even believe it's finally here!

    Pup snuggles and trashy TV. Nothing makes you realize how put together your life is than by watching the dramatic/train wrecks on reality TV.

  9. My favorite stress reliever is a good nights sleep. Everything is easier to handle when you've gotten enough rest. Happy wedding week!


  10. Wedding week! Eeeek! Working out and watching trash television :) Lata-stress!

  11. My favorite stress reliever is taking a steaming hot shower to do some thinking followed up by laying in bed and watching some girly tv :)

  12. Yay for wedding week! And if the KC area is supposed to get the same weather as STL, you won'to have bad weather I don't think :)

    Biggest stress reliever for me is reading a good book or scrapbooking. Love it all (and I'm far behind but eh tis life)

  13. Congrats on your wedding!

    Sometimes I regret not doing a "real" wedding and going to the courthouse....but then I remember my horrible anxiety and realize I probably would have passed out in the middle of my vows lol.

  14. Hi Meg! I am a new follower! I cannot wait to read more! Congraulations on the wedding!

  15. LOVE the new button, girlfriend!

  16. I used to eat junk food to relieve stress but then it just backfired and was unhealthy. Now I work out or try to squeeze 20 minutes to go run up and down the street alone.

  17. Wedding week....woo hoo!!!! For stress relief, we use lavender essential oil and another blend called Serenity from doTERRA. They really work. Coincidently, I just did a few blog posts on mood management and essential oils. Once you try, it's pretty darn cool. Have a beautiful wedding!

  18. Happy Wedding Week!!!!!!

  19. Yay wedding week!!!!!

    And for stress relief- a good book, coffee, and chocolate!

  20. Congrats!! I love reading a good book!

  21. I just found your blog!! Happy wedding week to you!!! I just got married in December :) It's a fun ride!

    I get regular mani/pedi's for a stress reliever!!!

  22. Wedding week!! Ahh!! :) :)

    I would puppy loving and boyfriend cuddles. :)

  23. Happy Wedding Week! My advice to you about stress relief is a massage. Oh mylanta! It is totally heaven, works out those nasty knots for them stress and at the end of an hour or hour and a half you are J-E-L-L-O! Have a wonderful wedding!

  24. Can't believe it's already wedding week! Congrats!! Hope it all goes just as you had dreamed it will, but in the end all that matters is that you're marrying the man of your dreams. Sending love from Tulsa!!

  25. YAY for wedding week! SO EXCITED!

    Hot baths...with candles.

  26. Ahhhh! Wedding week! So exciting. This is our anniversary week. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is the 9th :)

    Watching my reality show addictions to keep my mind free and clear = stress reliever!

  27. Happy Wedding Week!
    It's so exciting!

  28. Happy happy Wedding Week!

    Lately exercise has been my favorite stress reliever, although, video games come in a close second.

  29. Hope your wedding is exactly what you dreamed it would be :)
    My biggest stress relievers include: reading a good book, shopping watching a movie/tv (especially comedy) and best of all is snuggling with my fur baby.

  30. my favorite stress reliever is a good workout (or a walk with a friend!) followed by a hot bath..I'm sure you're working out this week in preparation for the big day! :)

  31. New button posted - check. Adore the new blog layout & design. Don't know if I told you that already? But love. And congrats on the Wedding Week!! Remember to enjoy it b/c when it's over, you look back and want to remember all the good times, not all the stress you put on yourself picking out napkins and centerpieces! AND my fav stress reliever is just lighting a candle, sitting on my couch, cuddled in a blanket, reading a book or blog hopping.

    xoxo Amber
    Obviously Obsessed

  32. My stress reliever is reading. Sitting down with a great book that can take you somewhere else for a little while really calms my nerves down...and of course a glass of wine wouldn't hurt either!

    I'm a new follower, but Happy Wedding Week!

  33. Hands down, my favorite stress reliever is singing and listening to music. It takes me away and calms me down.


  34. Exercise and a hot bath after! Ahh. And sleep..always sleep! Happy Wedding Week! Maybe you can give me some tips for my wedding :).



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