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March 6, 2013

Meet the Ladies: {March}

Looking for some great new blogs to discover?

Well boy howdy, do I have to introduce you to some very special blog ladies! These gal pals have rocking blogs full of great photos, fun stories, and posts that will real you in.. trust me.

You definitely need to take a second and go say hello!
Never underestimate how you can boost someone's day by a sweet comment.
So, let me introduce you to some of blog land's finest! Just for giggles, I asked them to share some of their deepest, darkest guilty pleasures...


Guilty Pleasures?
My guilty pleasures of course my boyfriend. Haha. Haha but really. We are long distance so when ever we see each other there's a lot of kisses, hugs, cuddles. Then I love me some movies. I love all types my movies take up 3 drawers in my college room. I also love me ice cream.

Guilty Pleasures?
I'm addicted to TV - again! After months of being too busy to watch TV, I'm enjoying lots of time off work where I watch reality TV on E!, entire seasons of Glee, and the entire series (so far) of Bunheads. I can't get enough of the quick wit and the ridiculous lives that people live.

Guilty Pleasures?
Right now my guilty pleasure is watching episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu.
I used to watch it as a kid and now I love seeing the styles of fashion and comedy again. It's even more fun 
since I live in Minnesota where the show was filmed. I love escaping to her life for an hour each night. 

Guilty Pleasures?
Where do I start? Well, honestly, they all have men's names... Edward Cullen, Ben & Jerry, Chuck Bass... perhaps a little Jack Daniels at times. :) Non guilty pleasures? Spoiling my little poodle baby with all my heart!

Guilty Pleasures?
I would have to say a bag of hot cheetos, anything on Bravo (especially Vanderpump Rules as of late), and really hot bubble baths would have to be on that list. And Starbucks. That's a guilty pleasure I indulge myself in daily.

Guilty Pleasures?
TV show The Vampire Diaries. It's so ridiculous - but I soak up every second of it. Oooo steamy vampire men! And I'm slightly addicted to the game Tiny Tower on my iPad. 

Guilty Pleasures?
Edy's slow churned butter pecan ice cream, all the Real Housewives Franchises, Beyond the Rack, room service.

I bet you can relate to some of these guilty pleasures. I mean, I absolutely cannot - in any way, shape or form - relate to their love of trashy reality TV, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia FroYo, or completely spoiling my dog.

Does anyone believe me?

Okay.. I'm the world's worse liar. This blonde has some crazy vices! :)

Thanks for stopping  by, lovies!
Go show these girls some blog love, mmkay?

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1 comment:

  1. What a great post!
    P.S. I have a giveaway on my blog today for a custom cake topper! I hope you enter and share it with your followers!:)


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