June 12, 2012

Soak Up the Sun - Blog Gift Swap!

Get ready for some fun, my summer-loving friends!
After hosting several blog gift swaps throughout the year, I've decided it's time for a fresh summer-themed extravaganza! Did I grab your attention yet?

I have really enjoyed all of your feedback about how much you loved getting adorable little gifts in the mail from you swap partner, so we're going to keep this little tradition rolling! I mean, who doesn't LOVE getting real mail, not to mention a whole package!

{ I knew you would be excited!! }


.:: Soak Up the Sun - Blog Gift Swap ::.
Sign-up, get matched w/ a buddy, shop for your favorite summer must-haves, and swap via mail!

1) Interested? Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to be elligible.

2) Leave a comment below that includes your first name and e-mail address.

3) Also in your comment leave at least 5-10 "favorites" of yours.

Example: Meg's Summer Faves

- Treats:
Crystal Light, fruit leather, pistachios, healthy snacks

- Colors:
Yellow, yellow, and yellow! 
Coral, turquoise, and orange are amazing too!

- Accessories:
Scarves, fedoras, beach hats, running socks, running visor, chunky earrings, truquoise jewelry, coral jewelry, simple stud earrings, sunglasses.

- Home Luxuries:
Fruity/Beachy/Vanilla scented candles, Scentsy bars, modern/simple frames, Crate and Barrel type decor.

- Fun faves:
Oklahoma State anything, cute cupcake liners, starbucks giftcards, bright dish towels, thank you cards, stationary, magazines - People, US, Martha Stewart, Real Simple.

- Girly things:
Nail polish (summer colors!), soft pink or peach lip gloss, shimmery neutral palette eye shadow, lip balm, face masks, bubble bath, cute bobby pins, coconut scented body lotion, self tanner.


4) I will send your buddy's e-mail address to you via your provided e-mail address. You then can exchange mailing address information once you're in contact.

5) Shop for your summer goodies {price max: $20} and send your buddy's gift by Monday, June 25th.

.:: Pretty Please ::.

Spread the word about the [Life of Meg] Soak Up the Sun blog gift swap! We want as many people as possible to join us in spreading the fun!
The picture above or the button below is for your use in a post or on your sidebar. Please add a link directly to this blog post so that your friends can easily join us in the fun!

** Sign-up closes on Wednesday, June 20th @ Noon (CST)! **


So, who's totally excited?!

I know I am! I already have a vision of the adorable/fun/girly summer must-haves that I want to buy/send to the buddy I get matched up with!

I hope you will help me spread the summertime cheer! It's one of my absolute favorite seasons to eat fresh, be active, enjoy outdoors, and strut my warm weather fashions, so let's kick it off right!

Happy Summer!!


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  1. Ah! So much fun!!!!!!! I love these gift swaps. I'm in!!!!!

    Name: Emily
    email: lovewokemeupthismorning@gmail.com

    Some of my faves...

    Food- coffee and chocolate!!!!!

    Colors- pink, purple, yellow, and turquoise

    Accessories- funky jewelry, long necklaces, scarfs, hats (currently LOVING my new newsies hat!)

    Home luxuries- working on decorating my apartment. My bedroom is black and white with hilights of turqoise and pink. Kinda a "Breakfast at Tiffanys" look. The rest of the apartment I want to do famous cities of the world! So anything that would go with either theme would be PERFECT!

    Fun Faves- I'm a HUGE geek! Harry Potter (I'm a Hufflepuff, so yellow and black) is amazing. I also LOVE Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and vampires!

    Girly things: Fun summer nail polish colors, headbands/hair scarfs, and I would LOVE to experiment with some different eye makeup!

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    The button code isn't right! It will be fixed by noon!!!

  3. Name: Syndal
    email: synfullydelicious@hotmail.com
    blog: synfullydelicious.blogspot.com

    - Treats:
    chocolate, carmel corn, coffee, wine

    - Colors:
    purple, pink, aqua, coral, yellow

    - Accessories:
    any jewelry-love chunky, colorful and blingy pieces! scarves or a straw bag for the beach

    - Home Luxuries:
    fancy pens, a business card holder, cute wall arts, anything organizational for my desk, or a cute desk lamp, picture frames, candles

    - Fun faves:
    anything wedding related (my big day is this August!!), magazines with healthy recipes, crafty/scrapbooking supplies, anything cutesy & girly!

    - Girly things:
    nail polish, any shimmery makeup for fair skin, any accessory

  4. I'd like to join!

    - Treats:
    wine, skittles, starbursts, starbucks

    - Colors:
    turquoise, coral, silver, gold, black, red & pink

    - Accessories:
    any cute necklaces, beach bags, anklet bracelets, clutch

    - Home Luxuries:
    fancy pens, cute wall arts, anything, cute desk lamp, picture frames, beachy smelling candles

    - Fun faves:
    magazines, cute stationary, anything cute for my pit/lab pup Sir

    - Girly things:
    nail polish,makeup, headbands

  5. Aw, no! My whole comment disappeared. Let's try this again.

    Name: Lauren
    Email: Lauren51990@aol.com

    starbucks, anything chocolate, popcorn

    I love purple and green, but blue and silver are nice too

    necklaces, ankle bracelets, wallet/clutch

    -Home Luxuries
    picture frames, candles, cute organization items, anything for a book/writing lover

    -Fun Faves
    For this, I'll just say a bit about me: I like humor, I'm a huge dork, I want to be a published author one day, I love to read, I love Harry Potter, I like movies and music and musicals, and I love to craft and scrapbook

    -Girly Things
    nail polish, hair ties, perfume/body spray, hand sanitizer, eye shadow, mascara

  6. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    ** The blog swap button and code should be fixed and ready to use!! :) **

    Thank you so much for sharing this with your faithful readers!

  7. Kristin

    Treats-chocolate, caramel, Starbucks

    Colors-pink, purple, yellow, turquoise, navy

    Accessories-running socks (good one Meg!), scarves, sunglasses, cute clutches

    Home Luxuries-Scentsy bars, country decor, vanilla/cookie scented candles

    Fun Faves-anything Penn State, Starbucks anything, fancy pens (I'm a teacher!), post it notes, anything True Blood/Mad Men related

    Girly Things-headbands, hair ties, barrettes, eye shadow, self tanner (No bubble bath-allergic)

    Great swap, Meg! I'll post your button :)

  8. I'd love to join in!!


    Faves: cats, kittens, pugs, ice cream, coffee, coffee flavoured ice cream, rose wine, warm breezes, sunshine through tree branches, scenery, cuddles and love!!

  9. Aww man! Just made my whole day! I'd love to join in the fun.


    Random Faves:
    Chocolate..snickers & almond joy make my heart sing!
    Love the color red & all things glitter.
    Cute hats to keep the sun off my face in the scorching Texas heat.
    Nail polish. ('Nuff said)
    Bright colored scarves.
    Purses..all shapes, sizes & colors.
    I'm a sucker for quotes. I search day & night for inspirational wall art for my home office.
    Funky, chunky jewelry. Bracelets for sure.
    Last, but not least...Wonder Woman. One day I'll grow up, today is not that day. : )

    Happy swapping blog buddies!!

  10. ohhh so fun! i want to join!!


    - Treats:
    starbucks, skittles, starburst

    - Colors:
    mint, pink, navy, grey, gold

    - Accessories:
    statement necklaces, stud earrings, bangles

    - Home Luxuries:
    bath n body works fruity scented candles & soaps, chunky white frames, inspirational/personalized prints, throw pillows, cozy blankets

    - Fun faves:
    cute teacups/mugs, anything monogrammed! {LWE- first, last, middle}, stationary/note cards

    - Girly things:
    essie nail polish, eos lip balm, makeup, flowers {especially hydrangea and orchids}, anything with lace, floral or glittery.

  11. Love blog gift swaps! I'm in!

    Name: Lacey
    Email: southerninthecityblog@gmail.com
    Blog: http://southerninthecityblog.blogspot.com

    - Treats:
    coffee, chocolate, anything sweet!
    - Colors:
    turquoise, yellow, purple, and coral
    - Accessories:
    fun earrings, long necklaces, bracelets, loving gold right now!
    - Home Luxuries:
    candles, frames, any decor with a "city or traveling" theme
    - Fun faves:
    books, magazines, cute inspirational prints/posters
    - Girly things:
    summer nail polish colors, hair ties, eye shadow, mascara

  12. Just found this blog; so glad I did! I'd like to join in too =)

    Hi, I'm Alexandra Anne!
    email: chandelier27aaa@gmail.com
    blog: chandelier27.blogspot.com

    coffee, all natural foodies, stuffs to bake with

    blue! (especially aqua/sky blue; so pretty!) second fav is red, then lime green

    rings are the best, necklaces are enjoyed as well, or reallllly dangly earrings (I’m a singer, opera, so shiny jewelry is a must)

    -Home Luxuries
    candles, picture frames, things that could live in a college dorm

    -Fun Faves
    I am possibly the oddest gal; I love opera, shooting rifles, reading old british literature, gaming (usually tabletop like D&D or Tomb Raider on my computer), baking (got a new kitchen aid mixer recently and super dorked out!), writing (I think I have a journal addiction), oh and I love chandeliers. (hence my blog/email link)

    -Girly Things
    jewelry. Always. Especially vintage jewelry. Um, I like bright colors, is that girly? I adore polka dots, and cute things.

  13. this sounds like so much fun... but i'm out of the country until july 2! hope i can join next time :)

  14. I'm so in!


    Treats-chocolate although it's probably not ideal in the summer :) Anything sweet!

    Colors-Blue is my favorite color but I love all the colors!

    Accessories-Necklaces and earrings

    Home Luxuries-candles and cute picture frames

    Fun Faves-fun pens, Starbucks cards, thank you cards, cute cupcake liners

    Girly Things-summery nail polish, bubble bath, scarves, hair ties

    This will be so fun!

  15. Hi I'm Carly from www.lipglossandcrayons.com! My email is carlybrydon@gmail.com.

    I love.....Treats: Starbucks, chocolate, frozen yogurt (menchies)

    - Colors:
    Coral, turquoise, and neon pink and bright yellow

    - Accessories: 
    Fun socks, earrings, statement necklaces, bangle bracelets

    - Fun faves: 
     cute cupcake liners, bright dish towels, stationary, notepads, fun pens and sharpies, coffee to go mugs, Tervis tumblers, magnets

    - Girly things: 
    Neon Nail polish, lip balm, bubble bath, cute bobby pins, 

    Can't wait for this!

  16. Woohoo!

    Emily @ emilysilverks@gmail.com

    - Treats:
    Lifesavers, chocolate, sweetarts, starbucks

    - Colors:
    Bright colors! Coral, teal, pink, yellow, etc.

    - Accessories:
    Fun hair accessories, necklaces, earrings especially animal themed

    - Home Luxuries:
    frames, interesting knick knacks, anything Disney

    - Fun faves:
    books, movies, all things New York

    - Girly things:
    Pajama shorts (size medium), any sort of makeup or scents from Victoria's Secret, nail polish, scarves

  17. Hello! I'm Jenny from thenewadventuresofjennyshires.blogspot.de! My email is jenny_shires@hotmail.com.

    I love.....

    Treats: cappuccino, healthy treats

    - Colors:
    bright blue, pink, red

    - Accessories:
    anything girly

    candles, little ornaments / trinkets, black and/or white frames

    - Fun faves:
    stationary, inspirational prints/posters, cats, crafts, languages / Europe, books

    - Girly things:
    bubble bath, butterflies,

    So exciting! :-)

  18. I haven't been able to join in on a blog gift swap since your mitten mixer! It was great!!

    Amber @ as2667@gmail.com

    Tea, dark chocolate

    - Colors:
    Lately lots of pinks and greens. Also love dark purples and bright blues

    - Accessories:
    Fun necklaces, sunglasses, scarves

    - Home Luxuries:
    Picture frames/albums, throws, cute organization helpers, candles

    - Fun faves:
    books... any and all! magazines, fun bookmarks,

    - Girly things:
    nail polish, lip balm, bubble bath

    I can't wait!!!

  19. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    I am so excited to do this!!

    Amber @ obviouslyobsessed@gmail.com

    - Girly things:
    *Nail Polish
    *Lip Gloss
    *Magazines (Cosmo, Lucky, New Beauty)

    - Accessories:
    *Tiny, dainty necklaces

    - Home Luxuries:
    *Picture Frames

    - Treats:
    *Sweet Candy

    - Colors:

    - Fun faves:
    *Martha Stewart Crafts

    I can't wait!!

  20. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    I would love to do this. It sounds like so much fun.

    Cinthya @ Eye Heart: mail(at)eyeheart(dot)ca

    - Treats: any candy that's cherry flavored or is fun to eat (I have fun picking out candy with my kids because I love it too)
    - Colors: PINK, turquoise, coral, electric colors of any shade
    - Accessories: long necklaces, headbands, and fun socks.
    - Home Luxuries: I love all the summer scents from Bath and Body Works, Huge and pretty mugs with saucers, country style vases
    - Fun faves: Art Supplies and anything scrapbooking
    - Girly things: bright colored nail polish, shimmery lip gloss, nail art stuff

    Hee hee. That was so much fun. I should give that list to my hubby. LOL

  21. You know I had to join in on the fun...


    Let's see...some of my favorites:

    Treats: anything chocolate...Starbucks!

    Colors: coral, turquoise, yellow...anything bright!

    Accessories: summer scarves; fun, bright jewelry; simple studs; sunglasses

    Home Luxuries: Scentsy bars; small pottery pieces; wall art prints

    Fun faves: Ole Miss anything, cute cupcake liners, dish towels, thank you cards, magazines - People, US, fitness magazines, Real Simple.

    Girly things: Nail polish (summer colors!), lip balm, face masks, bubble bath

    Can't wait to get paired and do some shopping :) :)

  22. This sounds like so much fun, sign me up! :)


    cherry Twizzlers, peach tea

    teal, lime, bright purple

    headbands!, funky earrings, light & airy scarves

    Home Luxuries:
    apple cinnamon candles, unique magnets

    Fun faves:
    fabric scraps, scrapbooking embellishments & paper, funky journals

    Girly things: Bath & Body Works mint lip gloss, foot scrub/lotion

    So excited :)

  23. Sign me up! This is so fun!


    Colors: pink, green, yellow, turquoise, coral
    Accessories: summery scarves, necklaces, sunglasses
    Miscellaneous: fabric, candles, nail polish, eye shadow

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Name: Libby
    Email: libnasoto@gmail.com

    - Treats -
    *Reeses's peanut butter cups

    - Colors -

    - Accessories -
    *Hair pins
    *Big colorful rings
    *Long earrings
    *Big sunglasses

    - Home Luxuries -
    *Scented candles
    *Friends,love,fun picture frames

    - Fun faves -
    *Thank you cards
    *Anything w/Butterflies, Turtles or Daisies

    - Girly things -
    *Nail polish
    *Peach or Coral lip gloss
    *Body splash
    *Anything sparkly

  26. I'd love to play along :)

    Name: Samantha
    email: groth.sama@gmail.com
    blog: frieden-amore.blogspot.com

    - Treats:
    coffee, wine, Dove chocolates

    - Colors:
    coral, turquoise, yellow

    - Accessories:
    love chunky, colorful pieces, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, you name it, I love it!

    - Home Luxuries:
    candles, frames, decorative stones, etc.

    - Fun faves:
    love anything crafty/DIY, I love fun stationary, anything summer/beach related!

    - Girly things:
    fun, colorful polish, jewelry, jellies (you're right, the shoes we used to wear when we were little). I'm a size 6!

    Thanks for putting this together :)

  27. StephanieJune 19, 2012

    I'm so glad I got home from vacation to play!

    Name: Stephanie
    email: sdavis00@yahoo.com

    - Treats:
    chocolate, caramel, just about anything (except nuts, although I do love peanut butter)
    - Colors:
    pink, purple, pastels
    - Accessories:
    cute earrings, light scarves/pashminas
    - Home Luxuries:
    I just bought a condo so right now it just about anything!
    - Fun faves:
    anything summer/beachy, chick-lit books, baking
    - Girly things:
    summery nail polish, manis/pedis, make-up, movies that make me cry!

  28. Elizabeth, The Young Retiree
    theyoungretiree@gmail.com | www.theyoungretiree.com

    - Treats:
    Crystal Light, Kind bars, starbucks {it's a special treat place!}

    - Colors:
    Bright orange, Bright pink, Bright green!

    - Accessories:
    colorful earrings, necklaces, NAIL POLISH!

    - Home Luxuries:
    Nautical themed decor, summery smells (like fresh cut grass and the beach!)

    - Fun faves:
    Summery recipes, Target anything, Baseball {We're season ticket holders for the SD Padres}

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish (summer colors!), lip balm, ponytail holders

  29. Emily at emilysweetestthing@gmail.com

    Nail Polish

    Any jewelry - gold, large, chunky, and blingy! Or with bright colors!

    I'm getting married in about ohhh 18 days and 5 hours haha. Anyway, sweet, romantic decor for our new home!

    Funky stationary!

    Statement jewelry - like chunky rings!

    Ah! this is so fun!

  30. AnonymousJune 21, 2012


  31. What a cute idea! How often do you do these? So fun!

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