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June 13, 2012

Ummm... Ouch!

You could call this an I-need-massive-amounts-of-sympathy post...
and you'd probably be right. I'm in so much pain today! Most of you know my story about living with Fibromyalgia, so I just assumed my recent outer hip pain these last few weeks was just a combo of FM symptoms plus over doing it on my workouts...

...until I almost died this morning.

Slightly over dramatic? Okay, okay, you're right.

Adam arrived at my house at 6:15 a.m. for another morning run before work. My hip has felt strained and achy for over two weeks now, but I thought stretching and resting would do it's trick.

Well, I could barely finish 2 miles (which we typically run without a hitch)... I was in so much pain! I am waddling around everywhere with a very scary grimacing expression, it hurts to even lightly touch, and boy howdy do I just want to soak in a hot tub or something.

I've since come to the conclusion that I should probably rest my injury by purchasing and riding around on a shiny new yellow vespa scooter...

...or at least head to the doctor this afternoon for some xrays/MRI/cortisone shot in the hip. Boo! Praying for good guidance from my trusty doc and minimal pain!

Meanwhile, if anyone would like to make me feel better...

I think the pain would immensely subside if you sign-up for my Soak Up the Sun - Blog Gift Swap! Perhaps that would only make me smile, but if you wanted to send me a cute band-aid cupcake like the one above... I wouldn't hate it! ;)

Cheers to my new vespa!
*ahem* I mean, feeling better soon!


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  1. Aw, feel better! I can't wait to sign up, it's my first gift swap!


  2. Oh, that sucks! Hope the doc can fix you right up!

  3. You poor thing! I hope the doctor can help you out and make sure you REST! I'm heading over to sign up for the swap!

  4. I must say that cupcake is just adorable. I'm sorry you're in pain! Hope you can get to the doctor soon. I'm such a hypochondriac that I'd be there already :)

  5. Hope they can figure out what is wrong so that you'll be feeling much better soon!

  6. i tried to read your fm story but it was blocked!

    anyways, sounds like a bursitis? you've maybe been running too much? hope you feel better soon! lots of rest and ice my friend!

  7. I know you'd usually push through but exercise isn't worth it if it's painful/damaging. Take it easy and feel better soon.


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