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January 12, 2012


I have been a little MIA this week while on a(n)[overwhelming] business trip... but I'm back... and a little stressed. Just being out of the office for a few days means an overload of demanding e-mails and voicemails. Needless to say, i need to clear my head over my lunch break... hello blog!

I couldn't have picked a better time to have booked my spa day this Saturday! Thanks to the generosity of BF's parents, I will be spending the day getting pampered - massage, facial, steam showers - so ready!! Not to mention the upcoming 3-day weekend! Yes, please.

{ Take me here now! }

.:: Time to Simmer Down ::.

1) FB Purge

Thanks to my blog friend's post, I have the confidence to go through and weed out some of those crazy FB "friends" - aka: crazies, drama lovers, constantly picture posting moms, college classmates that friended me after we did one project together, etc. Oh man, it feels good. Gotta surround yourself with positive loving people, right?

2) Down Time

It's pretty snowy and super cold here in KC, so all I want to do is snuggle up + watch movies. Looking forward to a super mellow date night with my favorite man friend at my house tonight. Crockpot full of turkey chili and a redbox movie is sounding pretty delightful at the current moment... come on 5 p.m.

3) Organization

Do you ever have those days where you can't focus until you have everything cleaned and in it's spot. Pretty sure my office will be a huge afternoon project!

4) A Little Me Time

Hello, Zumba! My gym bag is already packed and I'm hitting up my favorite class after work! Nothing like some awesome jams and some good booty shaking to relieve my work day stress.

5) Remember to Giggle

This blog post CRACKED me up. Things Ariel Taught Me...

Feeling stressed out today too? What's on your mind, friends?


  1. chili, movie, night in - sounds awesome!!! enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love FB purging. If I check the birthdays for the day and it's someone I don't immediately recognize, they usually get the delete. Happy birthday? I doubt they'd ever notice :)

  3. A spa day sounds so wonderful! I love all of those things!

  4. You get your relaxation in, girl! You deserve. Couple things:

    1. So glad I could inspire you on the facebook breakups. It was MORE than time for me. I feel great.
    2. Thanks for the Arial post, I put it on facebook and it was a HIT. I love the princesses, I really do.

    Hang in there buddy!

  5. a spa day sounds a like a wonderful way to relax! definitely enjoy yourself.and good for you to purge those fb friends who don't really add much to your life

  6. Um super jeal on your spa day! Buuuut, you totally deserve it, so I guess I can't be THAT jealous! Btw--add that to the list of things we're going to do when we finally meet up! Spaaaa day!

  7. A spa day sounds like so much fun! Also, I saw that Ariel post earlier too and loved it!!

  8. Read the Ariel post and thought nodded my head while I read :) I can't wait to see it in 3D!

    Was feeling a little stressed out today... my honeymoon got cancelled because of the airline terminating the route to Europe. So am trying to not stres and not be upset... hoping to get a better flight :)

    Oh yes and invitations and RSVPs for my up-coming wedding is super stressful.

    I think I need a massage NOW!

    :) enjoy yours.


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