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January 9, 2012

Mingle Monday Blog Hop BACK!

Welcome back to Mingle Mondays!
Who missed this little blog hop over the last few weeks?! I know I missed it! Well, it's back to stay and will be back to regular weekly hopping!

So, did everyone have a good weekend? I sure did, but don't they just seem to fly right by? Adam was in our good friends' wedding this weekend, so we were busy!

We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday, the Cotton Bowl watch party late Friday night (unfortunately K-state couldn't pull it out, but congrats Arkansas on a great win!), and an all day wedding pallooza on Saturday.

So Sunday felt nice to relax! I slept in, deep cleaned my house from top-to-bottom, put away Christmas, and baked up a storm (Banana Choc Chip Mini Muffins recipe coming this week!

Adam and I went to the evening service at our church last night and I'm loving the "Love, Sex, Marriage" series that we're doing! After that, we went back to my place where I could make BF his favorites... Chicken Pesto Pasta (recipe coming soon!) and Megnificent Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

...and yes, major GF points were earned! The way to his heart is right through his tummy!


{ Alrighty... Let's Mingle! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

If you could find it in your big heart to pass the Mingle word along... I will love you forever and ever and ever.

In all seriousness, I truly appreciate each one of you who take an extra minute to go the extra mile for me. I cannot thank you and your sweet generosity enough!

{ Many thanks! }

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What are you looking forward to this week? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Friday at noon! Please spread the word! **

Happy Monday, you wild party animals!

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  1. I'm the only one so far! But I'll check by later today so I can comment on others blogs.

    And I am looking forward to THE ABBOTT AWARDS THIS WEEKENED! I'm involved with a community theatre and the Abbott awards are our little version of The Tonys. We dress up, eat, drink, get fun awards, and dance dance dance! It's my first year going so I'm excited!

  2. I am glad MM is back - Hi Meg! I am looking forward to showing my folks more of Trinidad before they leave on Friday.

    Love woke me up was a very interesting read....go check it out.

    a little bit of everything has a funny husband story. :-)

  3. Hello! Thanks for another MM, I am looking forward to some good sales at work, I really need it!

    Just visited Love woke me up that I read a very interesting and different post about Inspiration among other things!

    Also 25 before 25 posted about the weekend, which she did a bit of everything!

    Have a great week :)

  4. I stopped by Learning Patience- where she had a guest post by Cornflake Dreams about her dream vacay. Wow... looks like my kind of vacation, too!

    I then went to Such Life in the tropics and she took her sister to go swim with dolphins! Definitely helped her make some lifelong memories, so sweet!

    As for something I'm looking forward to this week-- I'm going to go see a high school friend tomorrow who just had her baby about a month ago. Cannot wait to meet her precious daughter!

  5. I checked out Jessica and Christy's blogs today. They both made me laugh!Glad I found them! This week I'm looking forward to better Houston weather! Yikes!
    Happy Monday!

  6. This week I am excited and looking forward to my first day back in college after a (almost) two year break!

  7. Hi Meg! Happy to participate in your link-up! I'm looking forward to dinner with friends this week and then a 3 day weekend this coming weekend!

  8. stopped by hi from texas where she is huddled in a closet due to torandoes. hope they pass soon.

    and i am looking forward to getting more items up in my ETSY shop.

  9. OK- now that more people have joined I'm making my two visits.

    Travel Babbles - working on her Save the Dates! So much fun. She took some beautiful pictures of them and it is SUCH A GREAT AND CREATIVE IDEA. You all need to check it out.

    Tomorrow's Dust- she went to LA! Posted some great pictures and it seems like she had a lot of fun!

  10. Glad MM is back! I'm looking forward to my bf coming to visit this weekend!! :) Hope you have a great week!

  11. Can't wait for those recipes! I agree, those men love their food! :) This week I'm looking forward to making some steps towards some big changes for our little life, and getting our house put back together after holidays and time off!

    25 before 25's post about her weekend had me inspired to get back to my running!

    I also stopped by cheers, bethani! and saw some of the great stuff she has in her etsy shop! So adorable!

    Will be reading more later when I get the chance :)

  12. I visited If It's Not the End and The Sweet Life so far.

    Right now, I am looking forward to a half work day tomorrow. I'm going to sign paperwork for my new part-time job, and I couldn't be more excited!

  13. This week I'm looking forward to starting to learn Italian and working out with my personal trainer again!

    I stopped by Travel Babbles and she posted about her save the dates which are SO cute!

    And I also visited A Body That Won't Break where she blogged about her plan to get back on track with her nutrition and exercise. I can't wait to read more...hopefully she can help keep me motivated as well. lol

  14. Thanks for hosting, as always!

    This week, I'm looking forward to going back to school...nerdy but true.

  15. I'm looking forward to the national championship game!!! Roll tide roll!!!

  16. Looking forward to starting my first week of classes this week!

  17. I'm looking forward to my three day weekend!

  18. I'm looking forward to opening up my birthday presents tomorrow!
    Also, I know we're supposed to "be glad" in the day the Lord has made, but honestly, I'm looking forward to just getting another week of January behind me. Winter is wearing me out.

  19. I just checked out Megan's blog at Greetings From Texas. I love her "What people are saying about this blog" on the side! Soo funny! Her sense of humor also shows in yesterdays post. :)

    I also looooved the header at Travel Babbles. Her post about her Save the Dates was so pretty, too!

    I answered the weekly question over at my blog. :)

  20. This week, I am looking forward more holidays! They were great when they were here, but I'm happy to have a break!

  21. I visited...

    Love Woke Me Up This Morning-very cool blog, I love that she mingles with other blogs in her guest posting, and her topics are great!

    Life, Love, and Pursuits of Katie-I love first that she is a fellow North Carolinian. =) Great blog, great topics, and very easy to browse through!

    Obscure Ponderings: I loved her Dream Crusher post, I can totally relate. I also love how blunt she is. =)

  22. I visited "If it's not ok, then it's not the end." First off, I love the name of her blog! I loved reading her 2011 recaps and think she's going to have a pretty fantastic 2012 based on all of her 2011 adventures!

    I also stopped by Whispering Sweet Nothings. She has a fantastic Boho Chic post and I love the Valentine's Day gift ideas she posted!

    This weekend I'm looking forward to a reunion with my college roommates! It's been way too long!


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