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September 1, 2011

Fall Frenzy - Blog Gift Swap!

Get ready for some fun, my fall loving friends!
After hosting the Mitten Mixer mitten swap in December, the Be My Valentine gift swap in February, I figured it was time for us to have a little fall fun to get us in the autumn spirit!

Who wants to join me for the Fall Frenzy blog gift swap?

{ I knew you would be excited!! }


.:: Fall Frenzy::.

Sign-up, get matched w/ a buddy, shop for your favorite fall must-haves, and swap via mail!

1) Interested? Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to be elligible.

2) Leave a comment below that includes your first name and e-mail address.

3) Also in your comment leave at least 5-10 "favorites" of yours.


Example: Meg's Fall Faves

- Candy/Snacks:
Dark chocolate anything, coffee, caramels, toffee, candy corn

- Colors:
Brown, orange, coral, navy, yellow

- Accessories:
Scarves, fedoras, baseball hats, cute socks, "pearl" or "diamond" stud earrings, stackable bangles, rings, dangly earings, simple necklaces, chunky statement jewelry

- Home Decor:
Votives, fake acorns, leaves, vanilla or pumpkin scented candles, pumpkins, classy fall decor, small square frames

- Fun faves:
Oklahoma State anything, cute cupcake liners, starbucks giftcards, holiday dish towels, thank you cards, stationary, magazines - People, US, Martha Stewart, Real Simple

- Girly things:
Nail polish (fall colors!), soft pink or peach lip gloss, brown palette eye shadow, lip balm, face masks, bubble bath, cute bobby pins


4) I will send your buddy's e-mail address to you via your provided e-mail address. You then can exchange mailing address information once you're in contact.

5) Shop for your fall goodies {price max: $20} and send your buddy's gift by September 16th.

Sign-up closes on Tuesday, September 13th @ Noon (CST)!


.:: Pretty Please ::.

Spread the word about the [Life of Meg] Fall Frenzy blog gift swap! We want as many people as possible to join us in spreading the fun! The picture above or the button below is for your use in a post or on your sidebar. Please add a link directly to this blog post so that your friends can easily join us in the fun!


So, who's totally excited?!

I know I am! I already have a vision of the adorable/fun/girly fall must-haves that I want to buy/send to the buddy I get matched up with!

I hope you will help me spread the fall cheer! It's my absolute favorite season to bake in, watch football, be outside, and enjoy - let's kick it off right!

Happy September!!




    Meg - [Life of Meg]

    Favortie things...

  2. Um - this is one of the CUTEST ideas EVER!

    Name: Emily

    Favorite things.... I might steal some of your categories Meg! hehe

    Food: Coffee, chocolate, different types of cheese, cashews, Mexican

    Colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Teal, Red

    Accessories: Cute hats, scarves (OH! matching scarf, glove, and hat sets are fun!), hoop earrings, funky rings, loooooong necklaces, Mad Men style things

    Decor: photography of cities & classic Hollywood, pretty scented candles, anything that looks elegant, picture frames

    Other Fun Stuff: Anything Harry Potter, White Sox, or Chicago! Starbucks gift cards, any color of nail polish

    I can't wait to buy things for someone! :D

  3. Oh! And novels.... LOTS of novels. Barnes and Noble gift cards <3

  4. Yes, way excited! I did your other 2 swaps and LOVED it!
    Joanna [Dance and Dream]

    Colors: Hot Pink, Lime Green, Vintage Yellow!

    Decor: Anything Paris Theme, Pictures Frames, Pictures Prints. I dont do candles but I do the Melting wax.(like Scentsy but can be any brand)

    Accessorys: Anything Bling! Big earings! Rings, Scarves, hats,

    Food: Dark Choclet (but not over 70%) Sour Patch Kids, Starbucks

    I have 2 cats and 1 dog so anything animal too!

    I love wedding magizines, and really anything fun like that!

  5. Jenn- Going the Distance

    Colors: purple, green, blue/teal
    Accessories: earrings, necklaces, scarves, nail polish (fall colors)
    Food: Nerds, sour patch kids, nuts (cashews esp), starbucks, white cheddar popcorn
    Decor: I would love something fall related and cute
    Fun facts:
    I have a dog (a miniature poodle who is fluffy as can be). I work at a school with 3rd-8th graders, so something fun for my office/walls, etc.

  6. Yay! I'm so excited about this! :)


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Dark chocolate, swedish fish, milky way

    - Colors:
    orange, navy, & plum

    - Accessories:
    Scarves, "pearl" or "diamond" stud earrings, big earrings

    - Home Decor:
    fall scented candles... Any fall decor! (Bathroom is red white and black)

    - Fun faves:
    University of Tennessee anything, dish towels, stationary, magazines, Essie nailpolish, soft pink or peach lip gloss, lip balm, face masks, travel size anything, bubble bath, burt's bees, chic-lit books, monogram anything *RLW*


  7. Oh.My.Word. I love swaps.

    name: Ren

    indulgences: dark chocolate (or any chocolate), coffee anything, caramel anything
    colors: pink, but i love the warmth of fall colors! the golds! the browns!
    others: I have an obsession with sharks and moose, i'm learning to love the UW badgers, so red, black, and white are going to become staples this football season. I love girly things...sparkly things...and stuff about states. I also have a legit obsession with State souveniers.

  8. Name:Rachel

    Candy: Jelly Beans, chocolate, peanut butter cups, swedish fish, and mints

    Colors: White! Or white and blue, black and blue, and green

    Accessories: Girly stuff! I love scarves and earrings! Vintage stuff brings me to my knees.

    Decor: Anything fall or frenchy inspired

    Fun stuff: I'm a teacher, my classroom theme is black and white. I love the UW Badgers and the Packers. I love girly stuff. The more vintage, the better!

    This is going to be a blast!

  9. I Love Swaps!

    Name: Syndal
    Candy-chocolate, toffy, carmel corn
    Colors-Purple, green, pink, aqua
    Accessories- I loooove jewelry, scarves, socks, nail polish, lip gloss..girly girl to the max!
    Decor-Candles, frames, decals
    Fun Stuff- I am a sucker for anything that sparkles and I love me a gorgeous brooch! Or definitely pampering a grad student I need to make time to relax!

  10. Oh how fun!! I'm a newbie at doing a blog swap, so this sounds so exciting! :)


    Candy: Love Jolly Ranchers! They're my weakness!
    Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red...
    Accessories: I love lip glosses, socks, jewelry...
    Decor: Frames, Anything monogramed...(last name is T), love anything to hang on the front door.
    Fun stuff: I love little knick knacks that I can put on my office desk, anything with quotes...I love travel size things that I can carry in my purse or on the go!

    Can't wait for this to begin! Definitely sharing!! :)

  11. I'm SO interested! When I first saw the title, I thought it was just another 'Blog Swap' where you guest post on someone else's blog.

    Here goes:

    Name: Eli Rogers (from '

    I'll just follow everyone else's lead and use the given categories.

    Oreo's, Raisinette's, Little Debbie Zebra Cakes

    Baby blue, Blue

    4x6, 5x7, & 8x10 black frames

    -Fun Faves:
    Bumble the Abominable Snowman from the old Rudolph movie, PS3 Blu Ray Remote, Amazon Gift Card, Lamy Fountain Pen Refills (Black), Leather Journals

    And last but not least, old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, movies, coloring books (which would help me with an item on my '101 in 1001' list).

    I can't wait to participate.

  12. Yay! This is my first swap! Sounds like so much fun! =)

    Jacque email:

    food: chocolate/white chocolate, caramel,coffee

    colors: blues and greens of any kind

    accessories: earrings, rings, scarves, charm bracelet, OPI nail polish (I'd love to try a crackle!), pink and peach lip glosses

    Barnes and Noble or Bath and Body Works gift card

    something cute and fun for my station/office at work, I work at a bank!

    Love things with quotes and/or animal related

    Can't wait to swap with one of you ladies!!

  13. Krystal
    Things I Like: bright colors [aqua, green, yellow, pink], organizational stuff, stationary, wine and cocktail related items ;), memoir type books, coffee, picture frames, magazines, art prints, POSTCARDS. :)

  14. This is my first swap and I'm excited!

    Melissa at

    - Candy/Snacks
    chocolate anything, peanut butter m&ms, swedish fish

    - Colors:
    coral, navy, yellow, pink, green, purple...

    - Accessories:
    Scarves, necklaces and earrings :)

    - Home Decor:
    Votives, yankee candle wax tarts, picture frames

    - Fun faves:
    starbucks giftcards, thank you cards, magazines

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish (excited for fall colors!), lip gloss, bubble bath, headbands, anything that sparkles!

  15. This is so cute! I'm so excited, my first blog swap!

    name: Caitlin
    foods: chocolate, coffee, pumpkin...i'm good with pretty much anything except spicy, pickled and black licorice
    colors: green, blue, purple (jewel tones)
    accessories: scarves, necklaces, earrings, rings, gloves, hats, wacky sunglasses, non-stretchy headbands - the stretchy kind pop off my head =(
    decor: menu planner (chalkboard or paper,) kitchen gadgets (is that actually decor?) yankee candle (esp. birthday cake, buttercream, pumpkin/fall and clean linen scents)
    girly stuff: fun eyeliner/shadow, SPARKLES, tinted gloss
    fun stuff: toys for my kitten! new music (i heart mix CDs,) colored sharpies, those reusable cups that looks like takeout cups.

  16. Woow, I love this idea.. But, I won't join since it wouldn't be fair for my partner to send in Europe and plus I am just new here on your blog :) But, love it!

  17. I really enjoyed your Valentine Swap, so I am up for another, fo'sho!

    Let's see what I love...

    Colors: Red, Brown, Turquoise.

    Food: Coffee, Chocolate, Salmon, Skittles, Caramel.

    Decor: scented candles, magnets, little picture frames, incense.

    Accessories: scarves, bracelets, hair pins.

    Other: love animals (so anything animal related theme as well), crochet yarn, writing pads, pens, LOVE stickers.

    My email:

  18. I wanna do it!!

    I'm Jamie from Just a Jersey Girl
    My emaill is

    I love:

    Colors- Red, Oranges, Browns and Turquoise
    Food/Drinks- Hot chocolates, caramels, m&m's
    Decors- Incense, candles, frames
    Accessories- Scarves/nail polish
    others- anything stationary or toys for our puppy

    I'm so excited for my first swap!

  19. Amber - Brunch with Amber

    - Candy/Snacks:
    chocolate, coffee, pumpkin flavored stuff!

    - Colors:
    fave color is RED!

    - Accessories:
    scarves, jewelry, nail polish, funky socks :)

    - Home Decor:
    fall scented candles! and pic frames

    - Fun faves:
    gift cards, cupcakes, magazines, stationary, zebra prints

    - Girly things:
    lip gloss or balm, neutral eyeshadows

  20. Name: Sarah

    Dark chocolate anything, Reeses, coffee, Twix, KitKat

    - Colors:
    personally I love hot pink, orange, and other bright colors. Not for decor tho lol.

    - Accessories:
    {simple, not chunky} Necklaces, rings, earrings (no gold or too brightly colored, I like neutral).

    - Home Decor:
    Candles, tea candles, anything FALL related (pumpkin, leaves, candles, etc.). Neutral colors, mostly brown/beige.

    - Fun faves:
    Anything baking related!!!, stationary, crafty things, good pens, organizing items, YORKIE toyssss, coffee.

    - Girly things:
    lip gloss, nail polish (fall colors!!!), eye shadow, bubble bath, wine, scrapbook.

  21. Breanna - Counting Blessings

    Girly Things:
    Lip Gloss, natural eyeshadows

    Home Decor:
    Fall scented candles! :) Anything Gray and Yellow :)

    Accessories: Scarves, nail polish, earrings

    I love to read and adore cute little things to place around the house. Willow Tree angels are my favorite! :)

    This is an adorable idea...I am so excited!

  22. This is such a fun swap! I love fall!


    Fall Faves:

    colors: purple, black, orange, tan, aqua, gray, yellow

    scents: vanilla, cinnamon, apple, anything warm :)

    I'm a French teacher and a big bubble bath fan. I love white chocolate and candy corn. Halloween is my very favorite holiday! I send a lot of thank you cards.

  23. I want to participate! I will be heading back to Houston on Sept 22, so I can have my buddy mail my package there!


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Dark chocolate anything, gummi bears

    - Colors:
    silver, orange, hot pink, kelly green

    - Accessories:
    flip flops (size 9), fun bracelets, stud earrings

    - Home Decor:
    candles, Halloween decor, coasters

    - Fun faves:
    holiday dish towels, thank you cards, Martha Stewart magazine, bottle of wine

    - Girly things
    Nail polish - anything pink or neon, chap stick with SPF, hair ties (ones that don't break your hair)

    something from where you live... :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  24. Sarah

    Chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, pumpkin flavored things, COFFEE!, and flavored popcorn

    Colors: I love black, white, browns, and red...that is pretty much what my whole house is. I also love fall colored things for decorating in Fall.

    Home decor: pretty coasters, picture frames, center pieces, pretty things for Fall, Scented candles (pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon), and my whole kitchen is done in a coffee theme

    Accessories: earrings (silver, pewter, etc. no gold), I like simple classy necklaces too.

    Fun things: scrapbook supplies of any kind, fun holiday decor items, throw pillows, pampering items (lotion, bath salt, face masks, body scrubs...etc. vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin, and other similar scents)
    I also love crafty homemade items from other people...they make me feel special <3

    I am so excited about this swap!

  25. Yay, I'm so excited! My wedding is coming up so this will be fun to give and get a few gifts!


    Dark chocolate, caramels, toffee, pumpkin flavor anything, peanut butter, nuts, and popcorn!

    Fall colors (which are my wedding colors), especially red!

    Earrings (silver), simple necklaces

    Home Decor:
    candles, leaves, vanilla or pumpkin scented anything, holiday dish towels, picture frames

    Fun faves:
    Scented lotions, holiday cupcake liners, giftcards, dish towels, thank you cards, stationary, magazines - Real Simple and Martha Stewart

    Girly things:
    Lip gloss, natural eye shadow, lip balm with SPF, face masks, hair ties that don't break hair

  26. You know I couldn't miss out on a Meg swap...they're my favorite!!

    Rachel @ Simple Little Joys

    Let's see...
    I love anything chocolate or peanut butter! Anything sour is great in my book, too. Popcorn and chips are also a favorite!

    Colors...anything warm and inviting. Coral is my all-time favorite.

    I love any kind of simple pearl or plain studs.

    Candles...anything fall scented! Dish towels are a great idea, too.

    I love anything Ole Miss, anything kind of girly/gossip magazine...lip gloss and nail polish is great. I pretty much love just about anything :)

    So excited about this :)

  27. Megan

    So excited!!

    Candy/snacks: dark chocolate, Nutella, anything peanut butter, sweet and salty snacks, Baked Lays, peppermint mocha

    Colors: most hues of blue, chocolate brown

    Other favs: butterflies, silver jewelry, scarves, funny cards and postcards, newspaper comics, fun nail polish, fun cosmetic bags/coin purses

    Thanks for hosting. Such fun!

  28. This sounds like such a cool idea! I've never done a swap before but I'm in!

    Randa -

    Colors - GREEN, blue, black, and white

    Scents: Pumpkin anything, cinnamon, apple pie, and cupcakes

    Candy/snacks: Reese's, truffles, trail mix with chocolate

    Accessories: scarves, long wool socks, stud earrings

    Home decor: scented candles, simple photo frames, simple and classy fall decorations

    Fun faves: University of Georgia anything, s'mores, postcards, subtle nail polish, and anything from Real Simple

    Thanks for putting this together - such a great idea!

  29. Am I REALLY the only guy doing this? Well, this should be interesting.

  30. I would love to be a part of this!



    - Candy/Snacks: milk chocolate, reese's, anything chocolate/mint

    - Colors: hot pink, black, turquoise, light pink

    - Accessories: stud and hanging earrings, tights, tall socks, necklaces, scarves

    - Home Decor: fall-smelling candles, table "scatter", anything with quotes or fleur de lis!

    - Fun faves: magazines, nursing things, starbucks

    - Girly things: hair accessories, lip gloss, nail polishes in all colors!

  31. Name: Jennifer

    Candy/Snacks: Dark Chocolate, Gummi things, Dark Chocolate Mints, Laffy Taffy, Fudge

    - Colors: Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Yellow, Aqua

    - Accessories: Jewelry, Shoes, Hair Accessories, Hats, Belts, Scarves

    - Home Decor: Fall, Rustic Americana, Black and White "Name" decor, crosses

    - Fun faves: Coffee, Crafting, Makeup, Clothes, Shopping, Children's Books, Chick Flicks

    - Girly things: Makeup, Polka Dot, Glitter, Zebra Print, Nail Polish, University of Oklahoma, teacher supplies, etc.

  32. Sarah

    Sooo excited about this! My first blog swap!! :)

    Accessories: SCARVES, stacked bangles, chunky jewelry, homemade/recycled jewelry, Sweatyband Headbands, Nalgene water bottles

    Colors: Fall colors - pumpkin orange, army green, plum, rusty red, chocolate brown, "burberry" plaid

    Home decor: Anything Fall themed - pumpkins, twiggy decor, fall leaves, pumpkin scented candle

    Food: Popcorn, Gumballs, Hot Chocolate

    Fun Stuff: I'm running my first Half Marathon in October, so anything to do with Running or Halfs. I'm also engaged! So any wedding stuff would be great too! :)Oh and anything Oklahoma State!

    September 12, 2011

    Sooo excited about this! My first blog swap!! :)

    Accessories: SCARVES, stacked bangles, chunky jewelry, homemade/recycled jewelry, Sweatyband Headbands, Nalgene water bottles

    Colors: Fall colors - pumpkin orange, army green, plum, rusty red, chocolate brown, "burberry" plaid

    Home decor: Anything Fall themed - pumpkins, twiggy decor, fall leaves, pumpkin scented candle

    Food: Popcorn, Gumballs, Hot Chocolate

    Fun Stuff: I'm running my first Half Marathon in October, so anything to do with Running or Halfs. I'm also engaged! So any wedding stuff would be great too! :)Oh and anything Oklahoma State!

    Comment as: Select profile... Google AccountLiveJournalWordPressTypePadAIMOpenID Name/URLAnonymous Edit Settings – Sign out

  33. This looks like so much fun- can't wait to participate in my first Blog Swap!


    Candy: anything mini/snack size (except candy corn!), Chunky's, milk chocolate

    Colors: coral, navy, orange, teal, maroon/deep red

    Accessories: scarves, dangly earrings, long necklaces (not chunky please!)

    Home Decor: Pumpkin anything, candles, picture frames

    Fun Stuff: anything Eagles/Phillies related, Starbucks or Barnes n Noble gift cards, Mags (All You, Glamour, Reals Simple), anything travel size or related (I'm going on a trip to India in November), chick flicks, fall colored nail polishes

  34. Any updates on the blog swap?

  35. Everyone should've received an e-mail by this point with your partners info! :) Let me know if you have any questions!

  36. Darn - I missed out! Let me know if anyone is in need of a partner or when your next one will be, xoxo!

  37. Hey doll, I received my goodies and just posted about it. Here's the link and thanks again for fitting me in the swap!


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