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July 26, 2010

Mingle Monday (*NEW* blog hop layout!)

Welcome to Mingle Monday remix! Due to the popularity of the fabulous Mingle party, I've looked into several new fun options to spice this up! I've been inspired by several great blog hops, including one of my favorite weekend hops at Lady Bloggers, and thought we should try out a new format!

Are you ready to gain new followers and discover several new blogs? Well, grab a delicious cup of coffee and let's get mingling!

How to enter the party:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

**If not a follower yet, please click the follow button on the right hand side to be elligible!**

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!

How to play:

1) Click on 2 other blogs' thumbnails and go visit their blog.

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave a short encouraging review of the 2 blogs you visited!


Just like a usual Mingle Monday, anyone who posts about the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday will be in the running to be one of my top weekly reads. I will choose up to 3 blogs at random and give an amazing recommendation to all of my lovely [Life of Meg] readers... meaning lots of new followers for YOU!


{ Super easy, super fun! }

Remember, positivity comes back around! If you rave about somebody else's blog, there is a GREAT chance that somebody will give YOU an amazing recommendation!

You have a higher chance of someone seeing your blog if you visit several - so add to the fun and be a generous mingler!


** The linky is open until Wednesday at noon (CST)... so get mingling! **

I hope to hear great things about this week's layout!!


  1. This is my first "[Life of Meg] Mingle Monday". It's kind of exciting! ;)

  2. today I checked out "O. is Me" and "The Kimchee Chronicles" and am now following both!

    O is Me is funny and she has some interesting topics, such as "Billboard Lolz" which had me cracking up and her "Hair Mantra" which has me wanting to purchase some new hair products haha. Oh, and Happy One-Year Anniversary to Meg O. and her hubby!!!

    The Kimchee Chronicles is funny and real. She has a super cute Etsy shop, too! And I love her idea of having a video of the week on her blog and her background/layout is sweet! :)

    Lacey @

  3. LOVE the new format, although the fantasy tale from all the other weeks was awesome too... I checked out:

    - This Freckled lemondade: Genuine, honest, funny, interesting, personal but not too "tell all my strangest personal experiences"-ish.

    -2Bloggeristas: I love that there are 2 writers. It makes for so much more perspective/tales/giggles, I also love the personal pics of dresses, products, just general fabulousness.

  4. Just visited 2bloggeristas & The Sweet Simple Life and am now following them both!

    I love the two perspectives of the bloggeristas, and can especially relate to Allison because my own husband is in law school. Just a fun & fresh blog that I hope to visit regularly!

    The Sweet Simple Life had up pictures of her newly adopted puppy, which to me is an unfair advantage! Haha, but she seems like such a doll of a person and seems pretty fresh to the blogging world, so I know I'll enjoy watching her blog progress!

    Loved both these blogs, but will continue to check back and visit more throughout the day. Thanks Meg!

  5. how fun! i'm already following quite a few of these blogs cause they're so fab:) I'll check out more as the day goes by:) thanks love

  6. This is my first Mingle Monday and I am so happy to be a part of it! Thank you so much for hosting this! I also might add that I adore your name! ;) Anyway, I've checked out most of these blogs and they all are wonderful but here are my two!

    1. This Freckled Lemonade - First of all, that was SO sweet what she wrote about me in her comment! Thank you so much, Lacey! I absolutely adore her blog. Her cartoons, captions. I was LOL-ing at her story of how she got a certain scar and even the censored sign over her 'bloody part'. LOVE IT! Totally looking forward to reading more.

    2. The Kimchee Chronicles - I love her random-ness of her blog. I am into someone who loves to blog about the crazy things in their life. I'm all about humor. Also, a crazy '80s prom dress and a picture of Borat in the same blog post = amazing.

    Looking forward to making more friends!! :) :)

  7. Laff the new Monday Mingle layout dahling! :)

    I am now following:

    The Sweet Simple Life - well the first post I read is about the new puppy. SOLD! :) So cute!!!! So many fun things in this blog! Life, style and puppies! :)

    This Freckled Lemonade - Awesome name. So cute, funny and insightful all at the same time. That takes blogger talent!

  8. Hey chickadee! Threw you a shoutout:

    Loving all the new blogs i'm following now! I only wrote about two but following a lot more :)

  9. I'm a first time mingle monday-er as well!
    i stopped by:

    poodleism's experience at the lady gaga show was great- i loved how she used pics to demonstrate all the craziness she encountered.

    this freckled lemonade had awesome comics that made me chuckle. her writing sucked me in.

  10. Today I visited "Freckles and Fudge" and "Chloe". I love both of these blogs because of their wonderful use of pictures throughout their posts. I'm a sucker for looking at pictures instead of huge amounts of text at one time and both these ladies do it very well.

    Specifically I love the blog name of "Freckles and Fudge"... how unique!
    And I love Chloe's header, so sweet and filled with love.

  11. What a great idea! This is my first time participating, so I hope I'm doing this all correctly :)

    Today I checked out which had an awesome write-up of a recent Lady Gaga show as well as a description of the cast of characters you can expect to find there. If I wasn't intrigued enough before about attending one of her shows, the picture of a male bride with a wedding cake hat may have just sealed the deal.

    I also stopped by which features a post on the day in the life of a puppy and... OMG, just go over there now and read it. It's so stinkin' cute and makes me think of my dog (who lives with my parents) and how much I can't wait to give him a big SQUEEEEEZE. The pictures and captions are fabulous.

  12. my pixie blog - I read it once and followed, even though it's for single women... just because I really like her writing and I particularly agreed with her latest blog about NOT SETTLING in relationships. I may have to email-blast that one.

    thanksforthatinfo - i absolutely could not not comment on a blog with the word "bbq" (is it a word?) a mention of playing touch football, AND pics of pastries I wish I could eat, right now. win.

  13. I visited 2Bloggeristas and O is Me. Both are great reads and made me laugh.

  14. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    I'm being a naughty Mingle Monday participant - Sorry Meg! I was all prepared to come home from an appointment and check out some blogs - I've come home feeling like a train wreck so I want to say thanks for all the nice comments about our blog above and I'll be back tomorrow to follow everyone back and write something as I really do like to read all the blogs! =)

  15. Hi:)

    Now following:

    The Sweet Simple Life
    Sweet Tea and a Soundtrack...

    love them all! about to check out some others...

  16. I visited
    1) This Freckled Lemonade. She was discussing scars. Seemed random, but made me start thinking about some of mine. It was great to reminisce.

    2) The Simple Sweet Life. What a CUTE puppy. Made me want to go buy one!

    3) Eat. Love. Laugh - I love cupcakes and can't wait to try some of them, especially the Blueberry Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!

  17. Freckles and Fudge - First of all I love how clean her layout it! Her latest blog has some great photos of the beach, and made me a bit jealous that I haven't been in a while!

    Making the most of Megan- Megan is taking advantage of her free time by getting creative and doing some DIY room makeover-ing. Between the layout and the pics of her projects, I can tell she is a crafty woman!

  18. This is my first Mingle Monday!

    I first went to Eat, Love, Laugh. I'm a foodie so I know I will love her blog! Her key lime pie cupcakes love amazing! I also can't wait to try her Cookies and Cream cupcakes too! I'm a follower of her blog now and will probably gain 15 pounds in doing so :)

    The second blog that I visited was The Simple Sweet Life. I am IN LOVE with her new puppy! My love just got a lab puppy a 14 weeks ago so I know that she is just smitten with little Ollie. Its a coincidence bf's dog is named Opie! Kinda close... I'm a follower of her blog also! :) I can't wait to see the little fellow grow in the coming weeks!

  19. Here are my reviews:

    Eat Well.Love Much.Laugh Often.
    This bloggy lady makes the most delish looking cupcakes I have ever seen. The Keylime Cupcakes had me at hello. Lol! I am looking forward to reading more of her blog.

    This Freckled Lemonade
    Love the cartoons! Very cute blog.

  20. I found two new fabulous blogs today-Thanks for that Info and Freckles and Fudge. Both of their titles drew me into the blogs.

  21. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    - Poodleism - love the fun feel the blog has and I'm a sucker for anything referring to poodles as my yorki-poo sits on my lap and helps me blog (she would be pleased with this pick!) ;-) Loved her entertaining posts!

    - Tryin' to throw my arms around the world - I related to one of the topics she mentioned and you can tell she puts a lot of time into her posts.

    Also checked out: - The Kimchee Chronicles (very cute and fun blog) and Thanks for That Info Aimee!

    I enjoyed reading their posts! Can't wait to read more from all the blogs!

  22. LOVE Mingle Monday, it's my favorite, for sure.

    So far, I've checked out

    Eat Well. Laugh Much. Love Often.
    HELLO! Cupcakes is all I have to say. Her first post got me hooked. Can't wait to keep reading and finding some delicious recipes to make. She seems like a great lady!

    Making the Most of Megan.
    DIY at it's best! Can't wait to get crafty with her help. I'm so excited to have found it, and excited to read what she makes next!

    Looking forward to checking out all of the other blogs!

  23. I'm new to this, but it sounded like so much fun! :)

    I visited Making the Most of Megan and loved her DIY project - I've been wanting to do something similar, so I'm excited to see her's turned out so well!

    I LOVE Chloe's personality at Tryin' to Throw my Arms Around the World! She and her hubby are so cute!!

  24. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    I'm new to the Mingle, too!!!! So excited!

    I checked out the Simple, Sweet Life and was sold instantly!!! I mean, I have the EXACT same Sailor's Kiss poster hanging in my apartment! Plus, cute puppy!

    I also checked out Eat Well. Laugh Much. Love Often after hearing "cupcakes". Yummmmmm....wish I was a baker!

    I also wanted to add that I've been following LauraLou's (above) blog for some time now, and it's simply fabulous! Check it out!

  25. I was looking forward to another story, but I really do like this new format :) It's way easier to hop on over to other mingler's blogs and find new reads!

    I went to Lucky in Love's blog and am super swooning over her wedding recap posts. I love pink (our wedding colors, too!) and it was awesome seeing the different DIY projects she worked on.

    Also, Stay at Home Mommy Saga was the other blog I checked out. She has a cute etsy store and has great recipes that I'm dying to try out!

  26. AHH the linky is closed! It's only 10AM, am I too late?

  27. Btw - checked out Eat Love Laugh. I loved the post about taking her dog to the beach for the first time and also all of the crazy kinds of cupcake recipes I am seeing, they look delicious!

  28. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    I recommend Too Much to do; so little time & Lucky in Love

  29. @ Miss Puppy Love, AubreyRose, and Nicole - Thanks ladies! You're all too sweet!!


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