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December 7, 2012

Best Friend Weekend Here We Come!

Hellooooooo weekend!!
Fridays just have a way of making you feel like you're floating on cloud nine, doesn't it? Well I'm sure floating around here today thinking that in a few hours I will be on the road with my love to his family's cabin (yes, again)!

We love the heck out of that place!
Did you know that's where Adam proposed to me?

Excited to spend time with him and Beast in the car after work tonight!
Check out this adorable photo from last night btw...

Anyway, we are meeting my best friend Lo and her fiance Brian down there for a bestie weekend. They live in Oklahoma City and we wish they would hurry up and move here so we can be next door neighbors!

Adam and Brian are ridiculous when they're together. All we hear them talking about is craft beer, European soccer, and silly boy movies. I am so thankful that our guys are such great friends, it makes life even more sweet!

Meanwhile, Lo and I like to giggle... and snuggle... and then giggle some more!
I met Lo at the end of my freshman year in college and we've been inseparable ever since. She knows me inside and out, better than most people do, and would drop anything in the world to be there for me.

I miss her constantly.

She is the friend I know I can always count on. The one that I talk to multiple times a week. The one that never forgets a birthday. The one who remembers what's going on with me during the week. The one where we pick right back up from where we left off.

She's so beautiful (inside and out), kind, selfless, honest, intelligent, and caring, and she makes me want to be a better person.

In Grey's Anatomy terms... "she's my person"
(...and she'd probably hate that I am referencing Grey's... haha).

It's so fun to see what all is happened and where life has taken us over the last 7ish years! Lo and Brian got engaged while on a trip to Germany to visit Brian's family last Christmas, and there wedding is a little over a month after ours. Being bestie brides at the same time has been so fun! Love her!


Anyway, we're going to have a great weekend celebrating Brian's recent graduation and just being together! Bring on the weekend...

What are you up to this weekend, loves?


  1. your dog is adorable! have a nice time!

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend with great friends!

  3. Awwww! I too have " a person"! It is so amazing to have someone thats with you through every thing!!! First time reader <3 Love it so far!

  4. That sounds like a blast! Have fun, doll! xoxo

  5. I absolutely can't wait to see you bestie! You make my life very sweet :-)

  6. It is SO good to have a special friend like that.
    Laurie @ Pride in photos


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