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October 15, 2012

Misikko Flat Iron Review

Calling all girly girls!
This post is just for you! The lovely folks over at Misikko gifted me a fabulous flat iron and asked me to write about my experience using their product!

Blogging perks are super fun! :)

I got the flat iron in the mail yesterday and the packaging alone was too fun! Inside was a silicon mat to lay the warm flat iron on when in use, a nice case for it, cute girly decor, and an assorted amount of Elf makeup! Thanks guys!

Of course I was super excited to test it out, but excuse the cell phone photos. The silly camera was malfunctioning! Here is a before picture of my hair. As you can see, my hair is naturally pretty straight after blow drying, but I do love the pin straight look, so I was excited!

Although my hair was a little too thin for the flat iron to clamp down on it as tight as I'm used to, it provided a glossy straight look I was craving!

The plates ran over my hair very smoothly adding shine and no frizz! It took mere minutes it through my hair and barely a second on each section! See?

When all was said and done, I gave the flat iron an A! I love the lightweight body, swivel cord, and smooth plates. The added shine was definitely a bonus and I got compliments all day. The only down side, like I said, was how thin my hair is and not being able to clamp it and pull down.

BUT, my sweet work friend just a had a baby a few months ago, has tons of baby expenses, and was in the market for a new flat iron... so I thought she needed this more than I do!

With a tight newborn budget, I thought she would love being passed along this amazing straightener to run through her thick jet black hair. Everyone at work complemented her the Monday after I gave it to her and she was thrilled! Now THAT makes my heart happy! :)

So there you have it!
Go stop by Misikko to browse their impressive product line and find a tool for you!

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  1. How nice of you! That is a super nice perk! Maybe I will get there one day! Have a good one!

  2. Cute packaging for a flat iron with the ribbon and all! That is so nice of you to give it away if it wasn't just right for you ^^ I don't like keeping things that I'm not going to use either. I prefer to give them to someone that really needs them or that is going to make better use of it. :) xx

  3. How sweet of you! Love that you gave it to your coworker

  4. that is so sweet that you gave it to your co-worker! i am sure she appreciates that so much!!

  5. GIRL your hair is so longggggg!!!! You are so pretty :)

  6. Your hair is so long and gorge!!

    And you're SUCH a doll for gifting this to your friend! xoxo

  7. You're so kind for giving the flat iron to your co-worker. I recently bought some elf makeup and I really like it! Have a great week.


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