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May 1, 2012

Stellar Weekend in Photos

Let me just start off by saying... this weekend was pretty spectacular.
Now that we've set the bar of awesomeness for this post, let me share some weekend fun and photos! It all started with a very mellow, rainy evening in on Friday night.

It had been a long week full of traveling for work (as you could tell by my lack of posts), so I gladly welcomed a night in snuggled up with BF and Bella Beast

Adam and I ordered pizza and watched Iron Man. I am currently being educated by my Marvel movie loving boyfriend. I still have 2 movies to watch before we go see The Avengers next week. Nerdy? You betcha.

On Saturday, we spent the late morning/afternoon shopping and lunching together! We went to our beloved Nordstrom Rack (Do you have one? Are you addicted to the AMAZING bargains like me?) to find him some nice slacks and a new tie for a wedding that evening. What we have learned is...

+ we have completely different tastes in menswear
+ I like simple, sleek, and GQ
+ he likes busy, cool, and fun

...until we found this little beauty and happily agreed in an instant:

{ Doesn't he look dapper? }

After watching and rewatching a "How to Tie a Bow tie" Youtube video for 20 minutes, bud finally figured it out. Success!

Once we arrived at our good church friends' wedding (bride is from my Bible study and groom is from Adam's), he received no fewer than 12 comments on his fancy purchase. There may be a wide variety of bow tie purchased in the near future.

We had a blast hanging out with all of our friends at the wedding! The ceremony was heartfelt, food was excellent, and dancing was ridiculously fun. Love my small group!

{ Please ignore our scary eyes! Cell phone pics are fab... }

By the time we left the reception and Adam dropped me off at my place, I was high heel-less and completely exhausted. But boy, did I sleep well! Good times had by all.

I woke up to the relaxing sound of rain and thunderstorms outside. I met a good friend for coffee and window browsing later in the afternoon, which was lovely.

The blustery day continued, so we decided to forgo evening church, as Adam cooked an amazing dinner for me and his roommates - I think I'll hold onto him! - as we watched Captain America (my fave so far). Two more movies to go!!

Needless to say, I didn't want the relaxing, fun weekend to end so quickly! These next 3 weekends will be super busy with two out of town weddings that we're in, and my little sister's high school graduation, so it was nice to enjoy being home!!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! And my fiance and I are the same way-- we have VERY different taste for menswear. Lol

  2. Gotta love a man in a bow-tie!!! I just love them but haven't quite convinced Kendol to try and pull it off yet ha.

  3. LOVE the bow tie! Dylan and I have very different opinions on clothes too. Gotta love that! Your weekend sounds lovely!

  4. You know... I've been trying to tell my guy friends to wear bow ties. They are just so awesome!

  5. Love the Marvel movies. Gotta watch Thor! It is great and one of reasons why I will go see Avengers... the good looking man!

  6. Look how handsome Mr Adam looks in his bow tie! I love that y'all had to google how to tie it...I totally would have, too! I just love reading your weekend updates...they always make me want to pack up and drive to you so I can have the same weekend with your company :) You look gorgeous at that wedding...can't wait to see pics from the next few weekends! Love you, girlfriend!

  7. One of my friend's husbands decided to wear a bow tie twenty minutes before leaving for a wedding and didn't know how to tie it!


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