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May 25, 2012

Confessional Friday

Hello super long weekend!
That's right, Memorial Day weekend has arrived, and I just got an e-mail dismissing us from work at 2 p.m. to enjoy our time off. I love my job! I'm kicking the weekend off right by hitting the gym to get a strong workout out of the way, and then I plan on having a relaxing night in with my hunky manfriend and pup!

This is our first official weekend with no events planned and we cannot WAIT! I'm sure there will be a mega weekend recap heading your way next Tuesday... woo hoo!

So anywho... Today I'm linking up with Leslie's Confessional Friday over at A Blonde Ambition... join the fun!

1) I may or may not have slept in until 15 minutes before I was supposed to be out the door for my work commute. It was so cozy in my big bed, Bella was curled up next to my feet, and it was thunderstorming when my alarm went off... can you blame me? Needless to say, I am really awesome at getting ready on the fly!

2) This weekend, I plan to be an utterly ridiculous and lazy. I like to think that I deserve some down time after a crazy whirlwind of constant traveling for the last month. I foresee sleeping in, staying in my PJs until noon, and watching an ungodly amount of DVR'd shows. Heaven.

3) Speaking of shows... is anyone else obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance?
Well this little gem is back on air for another amazing season of unreal dancers. These folks are so unbelievably talented, and I might possibly be prone to getting off the couch to dance along with them. I was so in love with this song and audition last night - what a sweet story...

4) I went on a baking/tasting frenzy this last week! So tasty, yet so tempting, so I have to bake for other people and get it out of my house!! Just in case you missed it or were looking for some amazing recipes, try my Chewy Monster Cookies or my Mama's Key Lime Bars recipes! Yummm!


Welp, I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, and don't forget to remember all of our heroes who sacrifice for our country every day!

Have a safe weekend - see you Monday for the weekly Mingle Monday blog hop!!



  1. Yay for sleeping in and a full dvr! Have a great weekend!


  2. Did you watch the new Duets show? It was pretty awesome!! I used to watch SYTYCD, I didnt know it was back on!

    I have slept in twice this week, and I am also talented in getting ready super quick!!

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. I am SO obsessed with SYTYCD! Such a great show!

    Also, I'm going camping this weekend and am going to make your chewy monster cookies to take with us. They look SO yummy, can't wait to try them! :)

  4. Yeeeeees -- SYTYCD! Obsessed.

    A baking frenzy sounds fun to me, haha!

  5. you did go on a baking frenzy but i am not complaining one little bit!! can't wait to have more time next week to do some baking. i did nothing this week and miss it, is that weird?

  6. Yay for sleeping in! I'm jealous that you're awesome at getting ready so fast. I need at least 45 minutes! I've been wanting to bake something so I need to check out those chewy monster cookies. YUM! Enjoy your weekend friend!

  7. my weekend plans sound rather similiar... plus a little reading... and im kind of excited about it! hope you enjoy yours!


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