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February 29, 2012

Over It / Love It

With those wonderful warm rays of sunshine tricking me into thinking it's Spring, I have to keep reminding myself that it's winter, despite unseasonably warm weather. In fact, every year since we've been dating, it's snowed on or near Adam's birthday (late March).

I'm really hoping this is the first year in a while that spring decides to surprise us earlier than expected. I have that spring fever itch and I'm dying to do so many fun things and get outside.

Just a few thoughts as of late...

.:: Over It ::.

+ Although I love seeing my friends at weddings and showers, I wouldn't mind it if life slowed down a bit... I could use a free weekend.

+ I gave up all sugar for lent, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die from sugar withdrawl. If that doesn't say unhealthy sugar addiction, I don't know what does.

+ I'm so tired of these 20 lbs. that I gained last winter when taking steroid medication to treat my FM. It's so hard to get it back off - but I'm trying!

+ Being stuck inside isn't fun when it's so sunny outside. Do you think I can take my laptop to the courtyard to work today?

+ My messy apartment is driving me nuts! Why is it so hard for me to do one load of laundry from start to finish?

.:: Loving It ::.

+ Driving my new Jeep Patriot! It's so fun!

+ Having BF in town this week... I've missed him.

+ Looking forward to spending time at home this weekend with the fam/friends!

+ Spring decor. Can't get enough of it.

+ The feeling after a long, hard workout. Hitting the gym tonight!

+ Ben Rector/NeedtoBreathe concert is in t-minus 12 days! AHHH!


Well, now I'm stuck in a daydream staring out my work window at the sunshine and nearby park. Luckily, I'm heading out soon to run some work errands and get my sunny day fix! :)

What things are you over or loving this week?


  1. I'm sure your sugar fast will help you lose the weight you'd like :)


  2. The lack of sugar and working out will definitely help... good luck! And have some fun in the sun!

  3. Super jealous of your needtobreathe concert! They are amazing. And spring decor is sublime!

  4. i agree... sometimes you just need a free weekend! and i would love to lose 20 lbs... im having a difficult time as well.

  5. I am over this random bloating my stomach feels is necessary as of late. Talk about feeling yucky. I am, however, loving greek yogurt with honey and frozen berries. Just YUM!

  6. I've thought about giving up sugar too, but I just don't know if I could do it - I mean it is girl scout cookie season ;)


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