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July 28, 2011

Catch-up Sesh

It's about time for a little catch-up sesh, eh?
Good grief, work has been so insane lately that I have been traveling constantly! It makes me really bummed when I don't get to post for days on end, so let's remedy this situation.

I figured the best way to catch ya'll up is give you a juicy [random] scoop... so grab a cup of coffee and a tasty biscotti. Time for some girl chat!

1) Confession.

I'm back on the Weight Watchers train. This lucky little blonde packed on a good 8 lbs. after taking a steroid based medicine this spring, and I can't seem to shake it. I know what has worked so well for me before, so I have resorted to good ol' WW online.

Progress? -2.2 lbs. this week - yyeeessssss!!

2) Who eats greek yogurt here?

Can ya'll PLEASE make me like it more?! I know it is SO good for you and is packed full of protein and calcium, but I am really struggling here. Any tips/tricks? Maybe I am buying the wrong kinds?

3) Exercise... doctor's orders.

I went to see my fabulous rheumatologist on Monday, and after another rundown, she now wants me to ease my potential fibromyalgia/rheumatoiud arthritis symptoms by exercising everyday. EVERY day. 45 minutes minimum.

I guess I don't have an excuse to skip out on the gym now, eh? ;) I just wish it would stop being a blazing inferno outside, so I could take Bella on a long jog or something! Good grief.

4) I'm out of control.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it feels like your emotions have gone haywire? Yup, that's me this week. Last night I had a mini emotional overload breakdown last night, and it just felt so good to cry and get it out.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has occasional hormone issues. Anyway, I feel so bad for my sweet BF. Luckily for me, he's not going anywhere and was a great comfort last night. I love that man.

5) Can't wait!!

Every Thursday evening is date night with my sweetheart, and every Thursday I get so excited about our plans! It could be ordering take-out and watching a Redbox, or going out on the town, but every single week I look forward to that quality alone catch-up time with my other half!

Where are we going this week? We're headed to a fun little restaurant that just opened within the last month! The menu looks to die for, so I'm pretty pumped (and saving some WW points to use for some yum-yums tonight!).

After that? Off to the movies to see if we can catch a good flick. I STILL have not seen HARRY!!! Fail.

6) Vacation time = much needed.

Next Wednesday evening, BF and I are taking off for the Lake of the Ozarks, for a relaxing vacay with my fam. I am so excited to spend time with my parents, my siblings, and Adam just relaxing and enjoying each other.

Looking forward to fun days in the sun riding jetskis and soothing nights nestled around the fire pit. Smores are a given. Come on Wednesday!! I need you to get here now!


{ What's new with you?! }
Any greek yogurt issues or emotional breakdowns? No? ;)

Kisses chicas!


  1. Don't worry, you're not the only one! Emotional rollercoasters are perfectly natural. And a good cry never hurt anyone (in fact, it probably HELPED someone from hurting someone else!! haha)

    Sounds like, despite all of the annoying/icky things, you have some pretty cool things to look forward to. Focus on those and the rest is gravy! :)
    Happy Thursday!!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  2. I eat greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. BUT, you know what I do?! I get the ultra plain kind - the one with the less calories BUT most protein. Tastes look poop. BUT, I put Kashi protein cereal (taste like tree bark on it's own!) and raisins...all together they taste delicious :)

    You can get back to the gym - you go girl!! Keep it up! :)

    Enjoy your day! ox

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  3. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    I, too, eat greek yogurt for breakfast almost everyday. What I do is get the 0% Fage brand and mix it with my granola that I make... you know where to find the recipe :) Give it a shot; it can't hurt. Also, you could add berries (fresh or frozen, just make sure you give it time to thaw a bit) with sliced almonds and some honey... it's killer.

    I'm sorry you're feeling emotional, that's the worst, but you're going to fly right out of it... every downhill has an uphill and vice versa.

  4. I struggle with any and all yogurt! It's the texture for me. I know it's good for me, but I just have a hard time eating it. Goodness girl, I am a whole basket full of hormones right now! My poor husband doesn't know what to do with me. Gotta love being emotional. Good thing it doesn't last forever!

  5. I cant handle the greek yogurt...the only kind I like is the thick and creamy Yoplait kind...and that I love, but more as dessert than breakfast :)

    Those roller coasters are completely normal...and if you have a good man now, hell be a good man later when those hormones are pregnancy hormones (which put regular girly hormones to shame :)


  6. I agree about the greek yogurt, ya gotta amp it up a bit: fruit/jam/honey/ or granola makes it soooo much better! Enjoy your vacation: relax and get re-energized! xoxo

  7. I LOVE Chiobani Fruit on the bottom. Try the peach and the pineapple. They're my faves. I have one almost every afternoon around 3:30 to give me protein for my after work work-out :)

    Hope you have a fun trip!!

  8. Greek yogurt- Chobani pineapple or lemon. Tastes like regular yogurt. Shake it really good before you open it.

  9. I have your greek yogurt fix - buy the plain kind and mix in honey or agave nectar for natural sweetness. I'm not a huge fan of yogurt by itself so I chop up fruit in mine and add wheat germ and ground flax seed. If the wheat germ and flax are too much for you right away, but in some granola and you have the healthiest parfait ever! It's my breakfast almost every morning.

  10. Well done with the weight loss :-) My best friend has rheumatoiud arthritis and has spent the last two years cutting out lots of different foods in order to try and figure out what makes it the worst. I may mention to her about speaking about exercise. Also, I have managed to have a week free of emotional breakdowns- I'm finished teaching for the summer so I think that has something to do with it!! :-) Have fun on date night and indulge in your favourite foods for the night!!


  11. I eat Greek yogurt with fruit! I normally get the Oikos brand. It's sort of an acquired taste!

  12. Try Kroger brand greek yogurt. The vanilla and strawberry flavors are great (plus they are VERY affordable so it tastes even better)! Enjoy :)

  13. Put a little agave and strawberrys in your greek yogurt and you'll feel like it's a sundae! Serious

  14. Is it too sour for you? Put a tiny bit of equal or splenda in it. Voila!

  15. I love me some greek yogurt, I add blueberries almost every time. Harry Potter was fantastic!!! :)

  16. Good for you on the weight loss/gym train...I like the flavored greek yogurt (honey is a good one), try that...LOVE date nights, enjoy!

  17. Believe me, you are not the only one with the crazy emotional roller coasters at times. I'm right there with you. made me want smores.

  18. oo I lurve me some Greek Yogurt. I can't do plain so I buy strawberry dannon and I love it just fine. My mom is hardcore and buys it plain but then adds some jam. I've read that adding honey is good but that's not my cup of tea. What brands and flavors have you been trying?


  19. Give yourself a break. If you don't like Greek Yoghurt then don't make yourself eat it. Life's too short, no? After all, you're already dealing with illness, WW, forced daily exercise, and an emotional rollercoaster! *hugs* you're doing GREAT! Kick that Greek Yoghurt Guilt to the curb!

  20. I'm on the WW train too! Have my weekly meeting tomorrow, been doing it about 2 weeks now! We can be WW buddies. And do you have any tricks for getting the motivation to work out every day? It's so hard for me to do!

  21. I just bought some Greek yogurt! I bought the plain stuff because it has the least amount of sugar in it. I plan to mix it with a bit of honey, oats and maybe some fruit. That's what I've been doing with my Light n' Fit vanilla flavored.. but there's SO MUCH sugar in it, so I figured I'd try it with the Greek :)

  22. 2.2lbs is fab - well done!
    As for the greek yoghurt thing....I usually eat with with fresh food to try and infuse some sweetness, or mix it with a bit of sweetener, or honey...
    Good luck!

  23. Greek yogurt: I love Chobani strawberry fruit at the bottom. I also have been doing Athenos plain vanilla and putting in agave nectar...super sweet natural sugar, lower in calorie than any artificial flavoring, and incredibly low on the glycemic index. Keep trying different brands until you find one that you like - lots were just too sour for me and the ones that weren't were packed with artificial ingredients until I found my loves.

  24. I don't care for sour cream, so I've started to replace it in recipes w/Greek yogurt. Not helpful for day to day, but maybe it'll help make some things you'd normally use sour cream in (for me it's potato soup) a bit healthier. good luck!

  25. Everyone has crazy out of control days and weeks! I know I had a bit of a "stressfest" as I call it earlier today after calling my parents- wedding plans are driving me crazy!!! I used the pent-up frustration to run to the gym (sooo unlike me!) Maybe exercise will help with the stress? Those endorphins can be great things, if you can just CATCH them! I know how tough it can be!!
    I'm so happy I discovered your blog:)

    Abientot xx

  26. Ewww, I don't like the Greek yogurt either. I thought I was the only one. :)


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