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June 20, 2011

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Mornin' girlies!
Did ya'll have a great weekend? Any fun stories? I am pretty excited to hop around and visit your blogs today - hopefully I will get to read your weekend stories then! :)

Well, I am finally back from my dear friend Court's wedding - phew! It was a long, semi-stressful week, but the wedding was gorgeous, the bride was glowing, and afterward BF and I were still able to enjoy the weekend.

We took it easy on Saturday spending plenty of time with our friends and my family, and it was great being with my Daddy on Father's Day.

For those of you asking about how he's doing during this last chemo rest week - he's doing really well! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your e-mails, thoughts and prayers!

{ Let's get this PARTY started!! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

May I ask a favor? If you could pass the Mingle Monday love on in one of your posts today that would put me on cloud 9! Let's invite some more fabulous friends to get their Mingle on!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question... In honor of bestie's upcoming nuptuals...

** What is the beauty product you swear by?! **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **


Now go show today who's boss!!


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  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Beauty product I swear by?!


    Gifted to me by my best friend, Sarah, just a dime sized dab on damp ends makes my hair so soft and shiny!

    Movie star hair at it's finest, so I consider it a mini miracle in a bottle

  2. I guess my beauty product would be lotion? I don't really do much else...

  3. I love moisturiser and blusher. Any brands will do but they are my daily essentials.
    I would love to try moroccan oil - i hear it's amazing from everyone!

  4. Moisturizer!!

    Thanks for hosting! I'll be back to share who I visited.

  5. Thank you for hosting!

    I love my facewash and moisturizer. Can't do without a clean face!

  6. Ohhh favorite beauty product...I keep going back and forth between my eyelash curler and lip gloss. Love them both!

  7. I dont go a day without my face moisturizer...I am obsessed!

    I visited two new blogs today..
    Going the Distance wrote about participating in a Purple Strides event and it sounds like it was a huge success!
    Kimchee Chronicles is such a cute blog. She wrote about how state fairs deep fry anything and everything...even Kool-Aide

    Thanks for hosting!!

  8. i love my clinique daily moisturizer. and my eye lash curler :) xoxo jillian:: enter to win My Memories Digital Suite Scrapbooking Software

  9. I need my eyelash curler (on the days i'm not too lazy to throw on some mascara).

    I stopped by Going the Distance--she had a super busy weekend and met some really fun people.

    I also went to Synfully Delicious--she has a post about Clean Meter; it determines how kid friendly your site is! I'm off to check it out!

  10. I swear by my Clinique product, they are all awesome and super good for my skin.

    Today I visited Cornflakes Dreams and I am follower now, also she is having an amazing giveaway that I just couldn't resist on!

    Also, I've visited Undercover Blonde and love her post about "passive aggressive" parents way to put pressure on their kids to have babies, funny!

  11. I visited Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt and Bowling Adventures today. Thanks for hosting Meg!


  12. Benefit: High Beam and anything from the Supernatural line!
    Love it!

  13. I SWEAR by Dr. bronner's soap. I use it for total body wash but it's pretty powerful so I'd recommend first time users starting with their face. It will clear up any blemishes by getting to the root and drying them out. You will want to use a face cream after for moisturizing though!

    1. Rachel's Mingle: If you haven't visited her blog today is the PERFECT day to go because in the short and sweet entry is the, hands down, BEST one-line response from a man regarding fashion. *priceless* She also has amazing style - hello Stella McCartney dresses!!

    2. Cowgirl Seahome: Talk about a small world....she is blogging from in the in exactly where I went on my honeymoon just 7-8 months ago! Can't wait to hear about her stay at the Atlantas since we stayed at the Sandals Resort.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  14. Love following new blogs!!!! today I visited:

    Blonde...Undercover Blonde - Sounds like her mom is on the same boat as mine with grandbabies - her blog is too cute!

    Sweet Pea Chic - Love all her vacation pics!!!

  15. Ooohhh, beauty product??? I almost don't wear makeup, so this is tough. I guess Neutrogena makeup remover, for when I need to take off a bit of mascara. That's about it. I don't HAVE to have much, that's for sure!

    I went and visited a plethora of blogs, and would write more, but I am trying to get to a baby appt that I will be late for!

  16. Gracias! I'll stop back when I see friends!


  17. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Beauty product: at the moment it's lipstick. I love me my lipstick. It gives me magical powers. But I also love my argan oil (like yours, different brand) because I have mandated that my hair always be soft.

    Ok, I visited everybodies bloggy blog at this time. Always fun, but I partically enjoyed reading about the triumpant cancer survivor on Laugh until Your Cheeks Hurt.

    I follow Purple Pond already, but this is her first time for Mingle Mondays. Krysta makes some amazing crafts and writes some beautiful poems.

    And the baby haircut on Tiny Green Elephants... come on! Kill me with cuteness. Loved it.

  18. Just googled Monday blog hop that's how
    I discovered your blog.

    I'm your new follower. Feel free to visit my blog,

    Looking forward to seeing you there. I hope you will like my blog
    and follow me back.

  19. I stopped by tiny green elephants and loved the pictures of her baby's haircut.

    I also stopped by the Sweet Life...she's in the Bahamas and it's so not fair!

  20. I LOVE Clarins Younger Longer Balm!

    I visited Tri-ing tobe athletic.. and am her newest follower! So funny :)

  21. Woo!! Mingle Monday!!!

    I stopped by:
    I Dream Loudly- Lovely little post on the funky day she had with weather and pregnancy!!
    Sincerly Jill- A fab post about her parents to make you think:-) I know I have a smile on my face now!
    This is simething infinitely interesting- I read the post about her girls night in/out and her brave attempt to make peach cobler haha!!

    I'm going to cheat a little:

    My must have make - up beauty is foundation!!! Never go anywhere without it!
    My must have beauty item is- Clarins gentle polish exfoliator and Hydra Quench mask.

  22. Beauty product I swear by? Equate brand Proactiv! (Hey! It's the same ingredients, it's cleared my face up, and you don't need a "subscription" to it.) AND it's only $12 for the kit.

  23. I visited Synfully Delicious where she posted a link to something that determines how "clean" your blog is. Luckily hers was child friendly! :)

    I also visited Such Life in the Tropics and she had just attended a Bahamas wedding of one of their bloggie friends. So fun!

    I think my beauty product that I can't live without is my eyeliner. It makes my eyes look less dead on those days where you're just struggling to wake up!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. My must-have beauty secret is soap and water. My Nan has had perfect skin for her whole life using just that and since ditching the chemicals a few weeks ago, my skin has gotten brighter and less spot-prone by the day.

    So that would be it! Or photoshop...

  26. I visited Happy Girl and Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt (listed as Cancer Sucks) Glad I found these new blogs!

  27. Hi! Happy Monday!

    Today I visited...

    1. Nestful of Love: she has a super cute design/layout and had lots of awesome store/restaurant coupons today...will be using!

    2. Tiny Green Elephants: amazing photography. Her baby is of course precious, but the pictures are beautiful. They inspire to upgrade my photo choices...

    Mingle Monday shout out:

    Favorite Must-have beauty product? I've recently gotten way addicted to eye cream. I love the rejuvenating, fresh, surge when I slather it on. I use Benefit's "It's POTENT!" eye cream. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way, and i expect to use it for months.

  28. Sounds strange, but apple cider vinegar as a facial toner/astringent works wonders for my skin!

  29. Hi Meg! Thanks again for hosting!

    My fav beauty product was just discontinued =( It was the t-shine control from Clinique. I used to swear by it!

    Anyway, I visited Synfully Delicious and Kimchee Chronicals this week.

  30. Beauty product I swear by ... I have thought of the perfect item to share, although I have forgotten about it lately (which is so silly). This item is oh so unique, and I randomly purchased it w/out knowing how amazing it would be. It is: Aloe Vera gel! I bought it at Whole Foods -this is the exact bottle: It's simply amazing. If you read the back of the bottle (which I stupidly tried to take into airport security, thus losing it), you will see that it's a remedy for everything. It makes your skin feel amazing :)


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