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April 19, 2010

Shop Green: B. Happy Bags

I appreciate all of the messages from many of you wondering where I disappeared to! For the past week I was in St. Louie for a work conference, but I am very happy to be back to blogging!

Hello lovely readers! I hope your weekend was nothing shy of fabulous and relaxing! Well, I have to start off today by wishing you a happy EARTH WEEK! That's right, earth week. In honor of this Thursday being Earth Day, I have decided to proclaim this Earth Week. All week long I am going to bring you fun, fashionable and easy ways that you can help take care of our planet in style! Here we go!!


How many of you have been in the grocery store check out line and have seen the solid color reusable bags being sold by the vendor? I know I see them everywhere! I am always in a constant battle trying to decide if saving the earth one less plastic bag at a time outweighs carrying around an ugly monochrome bag... same dilemma for you?

Well, don't you worry any longer... it's time to shop in style, green style! B. Happy Bags prides itself on making fashionable and sturdy reusable bags that help reduce waste while saving a life, a tree or a barrel of oil. These bags are offered in every color/pattern imaginable, adding personal style and flair to your daily errands.

So, how does a reusable bag save the earth?
"Worldwide, hundreds of billions of plastic bags are consumed each year. Less than 3% are recycled; the rest are clogging landfills, blowing down our streets and threatening wildlife. Because of their negative environmental impact, from manufacturing to disposal, many countries are banning or taxing plastic bag use (as much as 20 cents per bag!). As petroleum based products, the cost of plastic bags will continue to rise, being passed on to consumers. As tax payers, we are also bearing the staggering costs of clean up and disposal, estimated at 5.2 cents per bag."
- B. Happy Bags

Wow... you didn't think of it like that, did you? Me neither. Well, in honor of Earth Day, B. Happy Bags offers a discount on all bags this Thursday. Normally these wonderful bags are $15/bag, so this is a great deal! Please stop by their store and check out their products!

Imagine a world where everyone took this one little step. Wouldn't a world with less waste be a happier place?


  1. Hi, Meg. Love your cute little blog. Found you on Leanne's blog. Awesome thoughts on bags. I have several and when I use them makes me feel so good!!!:)


  2. Hi there Leslie!!

    I am so happy you found Life of Meg! Aren't those bags just the cutest?? I thought so too! Thank you so much for stopping by - please come again!



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