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February 19, 2010

Craving Color

I don't know about you, but I am getting a little antsy for Spring! All of this drab weather and blah scenery need to go away soon!

Top 3 Spring Things I'm Craving:

1) Buying fresh flowers at the outdoor market

2) Running outside in the sunshine

3) Color. Color. Color.

So, I was thinking that before the flowers bloom and the sun returns to stay, why not start off color palooza... inside my home! Ever since I moved into my new place I have been thinking about what to do to jazz it up. Unfortunately I cannot add some vibrant paint to the walls, so I have to be creative when punching up the color scheme.

After browsing through magazines, reading my favorite design blogs (Little Green Notebook is a daily staple for me), and browsing through discount and thrift stores... I have come up with the perfect plan for me!

Right now I am totally loving the neutral couch with bright patterned pillows look. The neutrality of the couch mellows out the patterns, but it adds a punch of personality to the whole room.

Check out these Thomas Paul fabric pillows. To die for, right?

So, my plan is to choose an amazing, vibrant color pallet, save up the money needed for new amazing furniture (like neutral couches, colorful pillows and bright adorable slipper chairs), and then find some great artwork!

I am so excited! After a good month or so of thinking about it, I am finally starting to tie my ideas all together. Usually I am a very hodge podge thinker, but I want to make my living space warm and full of personality. I plan on doing lots of cheap DIY (do-it-yourself) projects like spray painting old furniture bright colors... love this green dresser! All of this talk gets my mind going... yikes!

Here's to spring! Happy decorating!


  1. Can I just say that you going running will always remind me of you listening to that song about "feel the rain on your your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins..." you know - that one?! :) hope you're well ms. sunshine!

  2. Looooove all those pictures, too bad we don't have 100 room houses :)

  3. Aww Stacy!! Miss you, girly! Haha, I STILL love that song SO much! It's definitely in my top 3 fave running songs... i feel Like Bridget from Sisterhood every time! Bliss.
    Love you!

    Oh Karen, you KNOW we're going to be decorating FOOLS next week... right?! Right!

  4. I love those curtains in the last pic. Is that from a store I could go to and buy those?

  5. Hi Claire - thank for visiting my humble blog! I am actually trying to recall which home decorating mag/blog I snipped this from. I want to say that she actually used a damask patterned stamp and made her own? Aren't they lovely! Here is a blog that does the same basic DIY concept:

    Also, I would check out world market! They always have great tribal and world patterns...

    If I happen to remember exactly where I got this from, I'll let you know!

    Keep posted via "following" my blog (button on right)!



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