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July 25, 2012

Currently Loving

I have to say that life is pretty amazing as of late. These last few weeks have been a blur of amazing things and my heart is overflowing with joy. There are so many wonderful things to smile about, and many great adventures coming up! Eeee!

I was just browsing my gorgeous new planner that my future sister-in-law got me (it's yellow - my fave!), and there are so many fun things coming up! So I figured I just had to share the excitement... right? Right.

{ Currently Loving... } Weight Watchers program. I am a strong believer that everyone needs to find what works for them, and WW definitely clicks with me. I absolutely love the weigh-in accountability, my ever-changing scale, and my awesome WW meeting leader. So happy as I continue on my healthier lifestyle journey that I begun last fall.

...Wedding planning. Did I just say that? I love wedding planning? I have never had an interest in planning my wedding. It sounds stressful, unpleasant, and quite simply... I just want to marry my best friend. Like tomorrow. Anywho, I have been very surprised with how much I am enjoying doing this with Adam, and I know he is a HUGE reason why it's fun instead of stressful and we enjoy doing it together.

...this late summer/fall's plans! We have a few trips and adventures planned to see friends - so excited! We're roadtripping to Madison in 2 weeks and I couldn't be more ready to spend time with my future sister/brother-in-law. They're getting married this November and we can't wait to celebrate! new gym! Thanks to Adam' parents, they were able to add us to their family membership for FREE. Yes, you read that right. This gym is so amazing, beautiful, full of classes and nice equipment, and I actually look forward to going! Did I mention that I've hired a personal trainer? So pumped to be buff!

...that I get to go on a honeymoon vacation somewhere tropical! When I need a break from all things wedding, Adam likes to remind me that we get to choose a vacation destination - bring on the pina coladas! little sister's new blog. She's so adorable, you guys. Do me a favor? Please go stop by and leave her a comment. You would seriously make her whole day, and we've all been in her beginner blogger shoes. right? love comes home late tonight! Adam's been gone on a bunch of business trips lately, so I'm ready to spend time with him tomorrow on a date night before he heads out again over the weekend. I sure miss and love that busy business man. And let's just be real, the fact that he's a total stud just makes me miss him more when he's away. Sappy and gross... I know.



Sooo... what are you currently loving?

Anything fun causing butterflies in your tummy? 

Happy hump day, gal pals... we're almost to Friday!


  1. I looooove wedding planning. It is so fun to anticipate such an amazing day!
    And a *free* gym membership?! Lucky!!

  2. yeah for wedding planning!! and how great for the gym too!

  3. I'm on WW too, and really am liking it! :) New follower! Love your blog:) Hope you have time to check mine out too!

  4. so glad you're loving being back on WW!

  5. Madison, WI? That's where I'm from!!

  6. Good luck with the planning. Just checked out your sister's blog and she's just as sweet as you.

  7. haha well I'm currently loving YOUUU!!! and you're blog!:)Thanks for the S/O, sis! Hugs and Kisses!

  8. Oh gosh, I wish I loved wedding planning. But I AM very much looking forward to my honeymoon in Jamaica. Pina coladas sound amazing...

    Awww-- that's so sweet about Adam. <3 :)

  9. totally agree on loving weight watchers!! I have never been able to eat so well and still see results as with ww!


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