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April 2, 2012

Mingle Monday Weekly Blog Hop!

What a Monday so far! One of my dearest friends/coworkers went into labor this morning and I couldn't be more excited to meet baby Sophia soon! Ahh!! It's going to be a crazy week, and I may be a little MIA, but I'll try to post when I can, friends!

Hope all of your weekends were great and your Monday is off to a surprisingly good start!! :) Thanks for joining me!


{ Time to Mingle! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

If you could find it in your big heart to pass the Mingle word along... I will love you forever and ever and ever... and ever.

In all seriousness, I truly appreciate each one of you who take an extra minute to go the extra mile for me. I cannot thank you and your sweet generosity enough!

{ Many thanks! }

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Answer the weekly question...

** What does your ideal Saturday look like? **


** Open until Friday at noon! Please spread the word! **

Wishing you a fabulous week, lovelies!

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  1. My perfect Saturday... well, let's start with being on vacation somewhere awesome, sleeping in till maybe 10ish, then eating breakfast with my boy. Then exploring wherever we are, trying new foods/drinks/restaurants and then hanging out with friends that night :)

  2. My perfect Saturday involves sleeping in a bit, spending the day with my pup and my boyfriend, enjoying spring weather, making lunch together, going out to dinner, just spending quality time together that you don't get during the week :)

  3. My perfect Saturday...would definitely be with a fruity umbrella drink in hand lying on a beach next to my husband. We haven't had a childless vacation in AGES!

    Another scenario of my perfect Saturday, an entire family day of picnics, playing out side and hiking.

    Thank you again for Mingle Monday!!!

  4. My perfect Saturday, is to wake up late, big breakfast then off to the pool with a nice book, maybe dinner out somewhere to finish the day!!!

    Please visit my blog today for a Spring Handmade Giveaway... Will visit some blogs soon!

    Have a great day :)

  5. My ideal Saturday would include a trail bike ride or run in the local park, then a Starbucks treat, and maybe a pool day. <3

    Abbey at Finding My Forever is super excited about the Jayhawks' NCAA Championship appearance, and included a gooorgeous photo of her alma mater.

    Jenn at Going the Distance just got back from Jamaica (jealous!) and although she got a sunburn, the photos look fabulous. So envious!

    Happy Monday Meg!

  6. Perfect Saturday? Sleeping in, great breakfast, some time outside in the sun, relaxing, and going out somewhere fun to end the day.

    Happy Monday, lady! :)

  7. ideal saturday would be drinking coffee in the morning and catching up on the week's shows. then spending the afternoon around the house and maybe dinner and a movie at home with my husband!

  8. Perfect Saturday - sleeping in, going to breakfast with my husband, sitting in the sunshine reading a book (by the pool if it is summer), and then hang out with friends in the evening, maybe grill burgers or something.

    I visited Abbey at Finding My Forever, and really enjoyed her book reviews!

    I also went to Such Life in the Tropics. Her blog just makes me want to go on a beach vacation SO MUCH!

  9. A long run or bike ride on sunny Saturday morning followed by breakfast with coffee, & newspaper. And with the hubby of course. Girl can only hope though - my hubby likes to sleep in on the weekends, while I do my triathlon trainings early on Sat/Sun mornings.

  10. My perfect Saturday would be: waking up around 10, going to a yoga class, laying out at the pool, grilling out, shopping, and mani/pedis!

    I LOVE the name Sophia! Congrats to her!

    Happy Monday!

  11. My perfect Saturday would include, sleeping in, having some yummy food from my favorite brunch spot, hang out with a friend either shopping or sitting poolside, put on some fancy clothes for dinner!

    Have a great week!

  12. We have been so busy lately that to be honest, right now my ideal Saturday would be LOUNGING AROUND DOING NOTHING! :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  13. Coffee + My sweet fam = perfect Saturday! Adding your button to my blog. Thanks, Meg!

  14. A little of this and a little of that is a cute blog :)

    My favorite saturday would be surfing, shopping, eating out, and then spending the night with friends and my man.

  15. I checked out Finding My Forever, such a cute blog who will be rooting for her Jayhawks tonight against Kentucky.

    I also stopped by Modern Mommy, who has an adorable little girl and a sweet blog.

  16. Hello- I stopped by Going the Distance and now want to take a trip to the Caribbean!
    My perfect Saturday: Waking up early, Farmer's Market, Brunch outdoors, Working out, Nap, Dinner with friends, Dancing the night away!

  17. My ideal Saturday starts with a butt-kicking workout. Then, breakfast out somewhere. Shopping (of course!) and an afternoon spent outside would also be fun. It'd probably have to be September with college football on T.V. too :) Ending the night at a great bar with my husband and friends would be ideal.

  18. Hmm my perfect Saturday well i would get up at around 10ish and my friend and i would go shopping. Then we would come home and have a waterfight on a trampoline. She would sleepover and we would eat popcorn and watch 27 dresses!!!

    BTW: Just found your blog and i LOVE it but what i love even more is Monday mingle it is a brillant idea:)


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