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October 13, 2011

Feeling A Bit Off...

Have you ever had those days where you just feel off. Your mind is a little overloaded, your heart is overwhelmed, and you just feel discouraged. Sometimes you don't even know why you're having one of those days, but you just are.

That's me today.

I'm getting over being sick yesterday.
I miss home.
I miss my family.
Work is super overwhelming.
I have a lot and very little on my mind... at the same time.

I just feel small a little small today in such a big and powerful world, but do you know what? Even on off days, it's so good to know that God's in control, no matter what. Just having the ability to ask for peace to mask an off day is so reassuring.

Among the chaos called life, it's completely okay to have bad days. I've come to realize it doesn't make me any less perfect than desired, just human. Very thankful for all of you today, and being able to get that off my chest.

So if you're feeling the same way today, take heart my friends. Good days are headed our way soon.

Sending hope, cheer, and sunshine your way!


  1. I'm sure good days are headed your way! I feel like I've been having on off month, not necessarily bad days, just off! God is good and He always has good for me!

  2. Aw sweet friend...sending love and prayers your way today. Hope this day turns up a little bit than it started off. Don't forget how wonderful you are, and how many people adore you. You are fabulous, and we all have those days where things just feel a little off--things are looking up for you. I'm always here for you friend, holler at your girl if you need me for anything, ever. You know my email :)

  3. I know how you feel, I've been unwell for a couple of weeks and pushing on when all I have been advised to do is rest. I feel imperfect if I do, like I've lost some battle but this post makes me think that that os not the point, it's ok to be vulnerable sometimes. Hope you feel betetr and positive soon!!

  4. Awe Meg....Take a couple deep breaths and have a (fill in the blank)
    a. glass of wine
    b. bowl of ice cream
    c. cheesy piece of pizza
    d. all of the above

    Tomorrow will be a happier, brighter day girl...I promise!
    Sending you hugs from Trinidad

  5. I hope your day gets better! :)

  6. Oh Meg, I hope your day improves soon! Get some cuddles from that handsome bf of yours and take the Bella beast for a stroll to clear your mind. And you're right, God is in control, always, and all things are possible with Him!

  7. oh girly - i loved your post. i had a terrrrible day and was (am) still feeling down but you made me feel a bit better :)

  8. Cheer up! Sending happy thoughts your way!

  9. Hey girl! Found your blog through A Blonde Ambition's. I saw your comment about all the cancer in your family and I can def relate..lost my mom to Breast Cancer when I was 15 and 2 aunts since then. I wrote about it as 1 of my 1st posts ever. Cheers to your mom and dad for being so strong! :)



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